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Film is the most powerful teaching tool in today's generation.

What if this tool was harnessed to advance the Kingdom of God?

What if the films that were regularly released in the theater were Christ-centered?
What if the gospel was boldly proclaimed on the internet through the medium of film?
What if high-quality films were coupled with the purity and grandeur of the gospel message?
What if entertainment was put into subjection to the name of Jesus Christ?

These are the questions BOJF is asking.
By God's grace, we are seeking to make this vision a reality.

Types of Filmmaking at BOJF

Stop-Motion Animation
This classic form of animation has been around for many years. Before the days of computer animation programs, stop-motion was animation.Coupled with the blessing of DSLRs and a professional editing suite, BOJF is continuing in the art of stop-motion animation in 4K resolution.Who knew figures not even four inches tall could be used to spread the gospel?
Well, by the grace of God, now it is known.
Dramatic Shorts
Short films are powerful.
In a shorter amount of time, the filmmaker has the potential of teaching his audience many lessons that may never be heard or viewed in a feature.
By the grace of God, BOJF is more intentionally investing into this avenue of film with dramatic, live-action shorts.
Secret agents, anyone?
Documentaries are a unique avenue of filmmaking. Through a documentary, you have the opportunity to tell stories in a way that otherwise wouldn't be possible. While all films do teach, documentaries especially teach.
BOJF has produced several documentaries over time concerning America, abortion and evolution, to name a few. Truth needs to be spoken and documentaries are a unique way to do just that!
Promo films are often the overlooked genre of filmmaking, labeled as too limiting for the creative endeavors of a filmmaker. That is far from the truth. Promo films are a way to advance the cause of like-minded businesses, companies and non-for-profits who are seeking to advance the Kingdom of Christ. BOJF has been privileged to create several promos to promote local businesses and organizations who are seeking to advance the Kingdom.

To God alone be the glory!

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