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Earlier this year we announced plans for a complete overhaul of the For the Glory of Another Blog. We are excited to announce more details on this project today!

BTS Photo from the Visual Blog

The Story Behind "The Elements" Released!

By the grace of God, we are pleased to release the story behind our latest stop-motion film, "The Elements."

May it bless and encourage you!

The Story Behind The Elements - Watch


Two Behind the Scenes Videos for "The Elements" Released!

We are excited to release two behind the scenes videos for our stop-motion film "The Elements" today!

Behind the Scenes of The Elements - Watch
here

Vision for BOJF in 2020

It is official, 2019 is behind us and 2020 is here.

As this new year begins, we are excited to share a preview of what 2020 holds for BOJF!

Filming the Agent 316 Series

Behind the Scenes of "The Defining Call"

We are pleased to add the official behind the scenes video of "The Defining Call" to our website today!

Behind the Scenes of The Defining Call - Watch
here

Behind the Scenes of "Imprisoned and Free"

We are pleased to add the official behind the scenes video of "Imprisoned and Free" to our website today!

Behind the Scenes of Imprisoned and Free - Watch


Behind the Scenes of "The Final Stand"

We are pleased to add the official behind the scenes video of "The Final Stand" to BOJF's website today!

Behind the Scenes of The Final Stand - Watch

Filming Complete for Episode 5 of Agent 316!

Praise be to the Lord! Episode 5 of Agent 316 is filmed and we are moving on to the editing stage for this film!


Word for Word Bible Series & Agent 316 Series

It is time for the official announcement and we couldn't be more excited to tell you all this!

Filming a donkey in the Garden of Eden

Update on Project 9

By the grace of God more of Project 9 has been completed the past several days. It has been a slow, but steady progress.

This coming week we will be taking a week off of working on Project 9 to cover the grand opening of the Ark Encounter. Be sure to watch for our media coverage on it that will be released sometime next week, Lord-willing.

Project 9 Film Day Three

Film day three is completed! Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers! Today's filming went a lot smoother and we were able to film more then we originally planned.

Project 9 Film Day Two

Praise the Lord! Film day two is completed!

Please continue to keep this project in your prayers. We need them!

Project 9 Film Day One

By God's grace, film day one of our next project is completed! We are thrilled to be working on another film and we are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this project! Read More...

Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow!

Could it be…maybe…it looks like it might be a… Read More...

Project 8 Aka Fairy Tale Ark

The official name for Project 8 is "Fairy Tale Ark." We look forward to sharing this next stop-motion film that is based, well kinda (take some hints from the name), on the biblical and historical event of Noah's ark. We will let you speculate on the name till next Friday when we release the synopsis for the film. :) Read More...

Masking, Keying, and Editing

For the past week we have been masking, keying, and editing Project 8. Since this project involves scores of animals being keyed and masked into multiple shots, the editing process has been taking a little longer then anticipated. Lord-willing though the name for Project 8 will be officially released next Friday and the official trailer the following week. Read More...

Filming for Project 8 Completed!

Praise the Lord! Filming for our next project is completed! Onward to post-production! Read More...

Film Day Two of Project 8

Film day two is completed! Praise the Lord!

Today we filmed all the small animals, birds, and food that will be green-screened onto the "ship." This will give us the ability to have more control over each of the individual elements then if we just filmed everything on the "ship" at one time.

Film Day One of Project 8

By the grace of God, film day one for Project 8 is completed! Read More...

Project 8 Filming Begins Tomorrow!

By God's grace filming for our next project, Project 8 as we are calling it currently, begins tomorrow! Read More...

Missionary Penny Update

"Missionary Penny," by God's grace, is moving right along as we work towards the official trailer release this next Friday.

We are in the middle of editing, finishing filming today and tomorrow, and recording audio is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Missionary Penny, Official Project 7's Name

We are pleased to present the name of our next stop-motion film, "Missionary Penny." We look forward to sharing this unique project with you, based on a real-life story.

A film synopsis is still coming, but we do have a solid date for the release of the official trailer, November 13, 2015.

Project 7 Filming Has Begun

Project 7 filming has begun!

We are nearly thirty-seconds in and are looking forward to sharing more about this project in the weeks to come!

Projects 6s Details and Other BOJF Happenings

Well, time to disclose what Project 6s entails!

Project 6s is the total overhauling of "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies," a film we created nearly two years ago.

This is not a simple remastering, this is the "Remastered and
Revamped" version.

"The Final Stand Releases in 1 Week!

"The Final Stand" releases in 1 week!

Anyone else excited or is it just us? :)

"The Final Stand" Releases in 2 Weeks!

By the Lord's grace post-production is nearing completion and "The Final Stand" is only two weeks away from its release date! We are getting super excited as the final product is looking amazing! Read More...

Announcing Project 7 in Pre-Production!

Well, we don't want to take any of the spotlight from our newly released film, "The Final Stand," yet the Lord has been gracious to allow us to begin pre-production of our next film, Project 7, is all we can tell you right now. :) Read More...

Color Correcting

Though not final, we worked on some color correcting today. The four before and after photos show how powerful and essential color correcting is.

Also, rumor has it, that a release date for the official trailer of "The Final Stand is coming this Monday. :)

Voices Complete, Onto Fine Tuning

By God's grace, a lot has happened since we released our teaser trailer last week. Our voice cast was assembled, all lines were recorded, mouth animations were created and the audio was put into the film. With the audio behind us, we now move onto fine tuning all of the audio and the sound effects, as well as adding all the special effects. Read More...

Project 6 Filming Complete!

Praise the Lord! Filming is complete for Project 6!

We are so thrilled to have reached this milestone and are so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to arrive at this moment!

Prayer and Corrupted Files

As promised, an update on Project 6!

Forty-seconds were filmed yesterday, bringing the filming process to 85% completion. By God's grace, we are attempting to finish the filming process by this Monday.

Sixth Film Half-Way Mark

Wow! Where has the time gone? Our sixth film has now been underway for over a month now!

A lot of exciting things have been going on and we are thrilled to announce that the filming is now at the half-way mark!

Film Day 1 for Sixth Film

By the Lord’s grace film day 1 is complete! Continue to pray for the Lord’s protection and guidance as we continue to press on in filming this film! There has definitely been opposition, but the Lord has been faithful in bringing us out of it. Read More...

Editing and Our Fifth Film!?

We want to start off this update by thanking you for your continued prayers for this project! You are a critical part of this film! Read More...

Filming Complete For Fourth Film!

We just finished our ninth and final day of filming! We give all glory to God as we reach this milestone! Many obstacles were have been put in our way, yet by His grace we have reached this milestone!

Fourth Film Update

The work on our fourth film is moving right along. We just finished our seventh day of filming today and currently have 5 minutes and 15 seconds of film.