What's New on BOJF Stream July 2020?

While it is hard to believe, July is almost over.

Yet with the end of another month, comes the announcement of what's new on BOJF Stream!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20
Visual Blog Series - 15 episodes

Brokenness and full surrender to Christ are the themes for this segment of the Visual Blog. Prepare to be encouraged, refreshed and challenged by the vulnerability and candid honesty of these episodes! Life is indeed hard, but Christ never leaves or forsakes us.

About BOJF/Culture - The Motivation of Hell - 1 title

In this powerful short film, Nathaniel shares his favorite exhibit from the Creation Museum and the challenge that comes with it.

Total - 16 new titles!

And if you haven't yet taken advantage of it, our
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Yes, we never tire of promoting this, for film is the most powerful teaching tool in today's generation.
Therefore, we continue to press on in leveraging this tool to the hilt for the glory of King Jesus!

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To God alone be the glory!