FREE Viewing of an Episode of the Visual Blog Series!

We are so excited to offer a FREE viewing of one of the episodes from the "Visual Blog" series!

This episode is entitled "The Struggle" and is a candid, honest look into the difficulties one faces in this life as a believer.

With all the uncertainty and difficulties going on right now, it seemed fitting for this episode to be the one we shared from the series. May it be a blessing to you!

At the time of this writing, 15 episodes are currently completed for the "Visual Blog" and 40+ more are in the works.

This dynamic series takes the many articles from "The Director's Blog" and brings them to life through the powerful tool of film.

The series can be found here on BOJF Stream -
Visual Blog

May you be blessed and encouraged by this 21st century rendition of the platform of blogging and may God alone be glorified!