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Trying to Find a Movie (BOJF Stream Promo)

“We’ve all been there, looking for that perfect movie night. Yet, it is harder to find than one would think.”

Join the Mervar siblings as they hunt for a movie worth watching.

Also, learn about the one-stop place that is being created right now to answer this movie dilemma!


What's New on BOJF Stream July 2020?

While it is hard to believe, July is almost over.

Yet with the end of another month, comes the announcement of what's new on BOJF Stream!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

Grasping at Straws (Part 2)

Honored to have the opportunity to release Part 2 of "Grasping at Straws" from the Visual Blog Series today.

If you have not yet watched Part 1, I encourage to take the time to do so


Grasping at Straws (Part 1)

As I have been editing the Visual Blog Series, I have been finding the episodes to be both encouraging and challenging. Nothing like listening to yourself on tape speaking truth from God's Word. :)


What's New on BOJF Stream June 2020?

While June was a slightly slower month for BOJF, due to all the effort in getting IMM launched, we are thrilled to report that ten new titles were added to BOJF Stream!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

What's New on BOJF Stream May 2020?

May was a busy month for the BOJF Team and we are excited to highlight the new titles added to BOJF Stream during that time!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

FREE Viewing of an Episode of the Visual Blog Series!

We are so excited to offer a FREE viewing of one of the episodes from the "Visual Blog" series!

This episode is entitled "The Struggle" and is a candid, honest look into the difficulties one faces in this life as a believer.

With all the uncertainty and difficulties going on right now, it seemed fitting for this episode to be the one we shared from the series. May it be a blessing to you!


What's New on BOJF Stream April 2020?

It is hard to believe our streaming service is already a month old. God is good!

So what's new on BOJF Stream since we've launched it a month ago? The answer, a LOT!

BOJF Stream Promo Image

"Simply Scripture Series" Coming this Wednesday to BOJF Stream!

We are thrilled to announce a new series is coming to BOJF Stream this Wednesday!

At 7:00pm EST, the first episode of the Simply Scripture Series will be live on our streaming service.

Simply Scripture Series Cover Art

BOJF Streaming Service Released!

To God alone be the glory!

Today marks the realization of one of our greatest dreams we have had here at BOJF!

We now have our own streaming service!