New Projects

Parrot in the Cage (Official Trailer)

“My son, many in this world are no different than this parrot.”

Knowing the importance of teaching truth to the next generation, an aging king teaches his eldest son a valuable lesson about authority, obedience and slavery. And this lesson is to be taught through the king’s parrot, Percival.

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True Light of Christmas (Official Trailer)

"For Jack Raphael, the Christmas season is his favorite time of the year. So after a fresh snow, he sets out to adorn his house with lights.

Yet, in the frustrating process, he learns a valuable lesson regarding the true light of Christmas."

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Westward Bound (Official Trailer)

From Because of Jesus Films comes a one-of-a-kind documentary series, "Westward Bound."

Join the Mervars in this all-around fun adventure as they travel westward, from Pike's Peak to the barren Nevada desert, to the Grand Canyon and old Route 66.


Operation 45: Raising the Banner

Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.

With 45 days left to go before another pivotal election, the Mervar siblings are hitting the road to mobilize every American to stand up and let their voice be heard through their vote and their bold actions.


A Visual Blog for the Digital Age

Earlier this year we announced plans for a complete overhaul of the For the Glory of Another Blog. We are excited to announce more details on this project today!

BTS Photo from the Visual Blog

New Short Film Coming This Weekend!

A brand-new short film from BOJF is coming this weekend and we couldn't be more excited!

TEMV Behind The Scenes Picture 1

Going Rogue With a Purpose

Yes, you read that category post correctly, a new project from BOJF based on Star Wars™!

No, we are not into making films based off current pop-culture,
unless God gives us a specific opportunity to share the gospel in a way that honors Him. And as to Star Wars™, God has given us that opportunity. Read More...

Project 9 Film Day One

By God's grace, film day one of our next project is completed! We are thrilled to be working on another film and we are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this project! Read More...

Project 8 Filming Begins Tomorrow!

By God's grace filming for our next project, Project 8 as we are calling it currently, begins tomorrow! Read More...

One Script Down, Number Two to Go

By God's grace, the rough draft of Project 9 is written and we are beginning to write Project 8 this week! Read More...

Two Films in Preliminary Planning, Pray!

Project 8 and Project 9 have officially been started! Read More...

Announcing Project 7 in Pre-Production!

Well, we don't want to take any of the spotlight from our newly released film, "The Final Stand," yet the Lord has been gracious to allow us to begin pre-production of our next film, Project 7, is all we can tell you right now. :) Read More...

Sixth Film is Underway! Pray!

Well, it is official! By the Lord’s grace, our sixth film is now underway!

The last two days have been mostly prep-work, set-up and set building for the first scene of the film.

Announcing Plans For Our 4th Film! Pray!

We are announcing the official start of our fourth film to be released sometime this summer Lord-willingly! Read More...