God is Good!

God is good and all the time God is good! (Romans 8:28) Read More...

Pray, Vote, Pray

Please take the time today to read this article from one of our team members here at BOJF concerning this upcoming election and how we as Christians should approach politics from a biblical perspective. Read More...

Resurrection Sunday

It is Sunday, the day that changed everything for us. This is the day we celebrate as the day our Savior rose from the dead, defeating and swallowing death in victory!

Without Sunday, there would be no hope. If Jesus had not been risen from the dead, all we believe in would have been a lie. If Jesus had not been risen from the dead, He would have been a liar and everything we cling to as Christians would have crumbled.

But He didn't stay dead, He rose again!

Define "Christmas"

Merry Christmas!

This year we have really been challenged to do a retake at what Christmas is really all about, to define it more realistically. To look beyond what normally comes to mind when we think of Christmas.

June 26, 2015, Historic?

une 26, 2015, a historical day we thought we would never live to see. And by historic, it is not a day our country can be proud of. 

We of course talking about the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of gay "marriage."

Post-Good Friday, Pre-Resurrection Sunday

Saturday, a day in-between two of the most well-known days for us as Christians. Saturday is normally overlooked, while we give more attention to the days before and after it.

But is Saturday really just the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday? Simply day two? Or is there more to it?

Good Friday

Good Friday, a day we remember and reflect on every year. The day Jesus died for our sins, taking the penalty for our sins, the penalty we deserved. A day we are all familiar with it, but we know for us, after hearing this year after year, day in and day out, "Jesus died for my sins," We've allowed it to become old. We don't begin to realize how serious our sin is, it put Jesus on the cross.