Trying to Find a Movie (BOJF Stream Promo)

“We’ve all been there, looking for that perfect movie night. Yet, it is harder to find than one would think.”

Join the Mervar siblings as they hunt for a movie worth watching.

Also, learn about the one-stop place that is being created right now to answer this movie dilemma!


What's New on BOJF Stream July 2020?

While it is hard to believe, July is almost over.

Yet with the end of another month, comes the announcement of what's new on BOJF Stream!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

What's New on BOJF Stream June 2020?

While June was a slightly slower month for BOJF, due to all the effort in getting IMM launched, we are thrilled to report that ten new titles were added to BOJF Stream!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

Introducing Immeasurably More Ministries!

We honestly could not be more excited to pull back the curtain on Immeasurably More Ministries today!

Be sure to check out our introductory video below for more information. Plus, learn how you can get involved in this endeavor!

To God alone be the glory!


What's New on BOJF Stream May 2020?

May was a busy month for the BOJF Team and we are excited to highlight the new titles added to BOJF Stream during that time!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

GRN Coming Soon!

Here at BOJF, we have been hard at work on something new and we cannot wait to share it with you!

GRN Teaser for BOJF

What's New on BOJF Stream April 2020?

It is hard to believe our streaming service is already a month old. God is good!

So what's new on BOJF Stream since we've launched it a month ago? The answer, a LOT!

BOJF Stream Promo Image

BOJF Streaming Service Released!

To God alone be the glory!

Today marks the realization of one of our greatest dreams we have had here at BOJF!

We now have our own streaming service!


47 Years Later & "The Phone Call"

Today we are releasing a special blog post to commemorate a tragic event in our land.

Truly, it is a somber day in the history of the United States.
For 47 years ago, seven people decided our nation was okay with the destruction of innocent human life in the womb.

Court Room Gavel on Black Background

Vision for BOJF in 2020

It is official, 2019 is behind us and 2020 is here.

As this new year begins, we are excited to share a preview of what 2020 holds for BOJF!

Filming the Agent 316 Series

BOJF Website Upgrade 3.1

It has been eight months since we rolled out our brand-new, totally overhauled and redesigned website.
While there have been minor changes, error fixes and a few new pages added since its release, overall, it has been the same 3.0 rollout of our website.

Today, we are THRILLED to announce the 3.1 rollout of the official BOJF website.

The Brand New BOJF Website is here!

It has been nearly three years since we've updated the official BOJF website.
Where does the time go? It seems like we just updated it yesterday.

So we are pleased to present our brand-new, 3.0 release of our website!


God is Good!

God is good and all the time God is good! (Romans 8:28) Read More...

"My Dad" Official Selction for CWVFF!

We are thrilled to announce that our latest film, "My Dad" is an official selection for the Christian Worldview Film Festival! Read More...

"Missionary Penny" and "Under God?" are Official Selections for CWVFF!

To God be the glory! Two of our films have qualified as Official Selections for the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival! Read More...

2017 and BOJF

2016 is officially behind us. It was a great year for us here at BOJF. Not necessarily because of all the projects God allowed us to accomplish, though we do praise Him for that! Read More...

Decision America Tour - Indiana

Our team recently had the privilege of attending Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham down at the Indianapolis State Capitol. Read More...

Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow!

Could it be…maybe…it looks like it might be a… Read More...

New Resource Page

We are excited today to release a new page on our website, the Resources page. Now that we have been at filmmaking for nearly five years, the Lord has really laid a burden on our hearts to encourage other filmmakers, especially newer filmmakers.

TFTDD is an Official Selection for the Christian Worldview Film Festival!

To God alone be the glory! Praise the Lord! "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies" is an official selection for the Christian Worldview Film Festival! Read More...

Website Update

We haven't disappeared even though our last posted update was over three weeks ago. There still has been a lot going on behind the scenes at BOJF, by God's grace.

Our website is finally getting a much needed update. With the increase in traffic expected from our next film, Project 6, as we are calling it as of now, and the reality it just needed a face-lift, it finally got some attention.

The Official BOJF Blog

Welcome to the official blog for Because of Jesus Films! Read More...