September 2015

"The Final Stand" is Finally Here!

"The Final Stand" is finally here! To God alone be the glory!

3 months and 2 weeks of hard work, prayer, perseverance and God's grace and now our next film is finally here!

We are super excited about all the new stuff the Lord allowed us to put into this film and what a leap He allowed us to make from our last stop-motion, "The Prince!"

"The Final Stand Releases in 1 Week!

"The Final Stand" releases in 1 week!

Anyone else excited or is it just us? :)

"The Final Stand" Releases in 2 Weeks!

By the Lord's grace post-production is nearing completion and "The Final Stand" is only two weeks away from its release date! We are getting super excited as the final product is looking amazing! Read More...

"The Final Stand" Official Trailer Release!

Well, here it is! The official trailer for "The Final Stand!"

The official release date for "The Final Stand" is September 25, 2015, so be sure to check back here then to watch the finished product!