Missionary Penny, Official Project 7's Name

We are pleased to present the name of our next stop-motion film, "Missionary Penny." We look forward to sharing this unique project with you, based on a real-life story.

A film synopsis is still coming, but we do have a solid date for the release of the official trailer, November 13, 2015.

Project 7 Filming Has Begun

Project 7 filming has begun!

We are nearly thirty-seconds in and are looking forward to sharing more about this project in the weeks to come!

Projects 6s Details and Other BOJF Happenings

Well, time to disclose what Project 6s entails!

Project 6s is the total overhauling of "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies," a film we created nearly two years ago.

This is not a simple remastering, this is the "Remastered and
Revamped" version.

Announcing Project 7 in Pre-Production!

Well, we don't want to take any of the spotlight from our newly released film, "The Final Stand," yet the Lord has been gracious to allow us to begin pre-production of our next film, Project 7, is all we can tell you right now. :) Read More...