November 2020

The American Crisis by Thomas Paine

Freedom isn't free and each generation must rise up and defend it if they wish to pass it on to the next.

We would be wise to heed the words of Thomas Paine, one of our Founding Fathers, regarding this matter.


New BOJF Initiative: "Patriot Watchmen USA"

We are thrilled to present today another branch of the ever-growing Immeasurably More Ministries, this one being entitled "Patriot Watchmen USA."

Here at BOJF, it is no secret that we have been very vocal these past couple of months of the need for believers to be involved in politics.
In all sincerity, we would argue that the word "politics" has been used to silence many Christians in speaking truth on biblical issues.
We are pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-religious freedom, pro-borders, pro-law enforcement, pro-law and order, pro-2nd amendment…and the list could go on and on. Despite what many may have told you, all those issues are biblical issues, not political issues.

So we are getting involved and staying involved by God's grace! For "We the people" are in charge of this government and it is high time we as believers influence it in every area!

Learn how you can be involved in the video below as we start off in fighting for the integrity of our election system!


Operation 45: Fighting for Election Integrity

Our Republic is on the line, as we have seen rampart voter fraud fully displayed this election.

Free and fair elections are one of the bedrocks of our nation. So every legal vote must be counted and every illegal vote invalidated.

It is time to fight for election integrity, for the proof of the fraud is overwhelming.


Operation 45: Election Day!

After 45 days, it is here! Election Day!

Energy is certainly high here at BOJF! We are looking forward to seeing how all of the efforts of so many patriots in America pays off!

Our hope is in King Jesus, but prayerfully hoping for leaders with biblical values to be elected tonight!

To God be the glory!


Operation 45: Our Hope is in Jesus

Here at BOJF, we are deeply involved in politics.
We understand how important it is to be engaged in our republic system of government if we desire to preserve freedom for the next generation.

Yet, our hope is not in politics and the leaders we elect or do not elect. Our hope is in Jesus.

Yet, that does not negate our responsibility to be involved in our government.

Nathaniel breaks this down in our latest episode from
Operation 45: Raising the Banner.


Operation 45: What About After the Election?

All the talk lately seems to be centered around one single day, November 3rd, 2020.

While we here at BOJF couldn't agree more about the great significance of this upcoming day and the serious choice the America people will make for the future of our country, there is also something deeper to be considered here.

Are we prepared to take up the banner and fight steadfastly for the freedom of the next generation? Or, will we become lax and through our apathy hand down slavery to the next generation?


Operation 45: Don't Throw Your Vote Away

For us in the United States, elections are right around the corner.

In America, we have the great privilege to choose our leaders, something few nations have ever experienced.

So how will you use this gift and privilege that God has so graciously given you?

There are some serious ramifications that must be taken into consideration regarding this election. Divisive as it might be, the truth needs to be shared. So unapologetically, we present to you, "Don't Throw Your Vote Away," from "Operation 45: Raising the Banner."