June 2020

What's New on BOJF Stream June 2020?

While June was a slightly slower month for BOJF, due to all the effort in getting IMM launched, we are thrilled to report that ten new titles were added to BOJF Stream!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20

Introducing Immeasurably More Ministries!

We honestly could not be more excited to pull back the curtain on Immeasurably More Ministries today!

Be sure to check out our introductory video below for more information. Plus, learn how you can get involved in this endeavor!

To God alone be the glory!


How Should the Christian Respond to Black Lives Matter?

A lot of questions have been raised in our culture. Questions about "race," "skin color," "racism," "police brutality," "black and white" and the list could go on and on.

Yet, what does Scripture says about these issues? For what values does the "Black Lives Matter" movement stand? How do we as Christians handle all this and how should we be responding?

It is high time for answers and yes, the truth.


Oregon Homeschool Convention

Yes, by God's grace another homeschool event this year for BOJF!

A City in Oregon

Film Festival Awards from Jamaica!

We are humbled and thrilled to announce two of our films won awards at the Jamaica International Faith Film Festival this year!

Jamaica Film Festival Awards 2020

What's New on BOJF Stream May 2020?

May was a busy month for the BOJF Team and we are excited to highlight the new titles added to BOJF Stream during that time!

BOJF Stream Promo Image May 20