Teaser Trailer For "The Final Stand" Released!

Drumroll please…and the official name of Project 6 is "The Final Stand."

We'd love to say more, but that is all we are releasing for now.
Also, as promised, be sure to check out the teaser trailer below for a small sampling of what "The Final Stand" is going to look like.

We give all glory to the Lord for the continued progress of this film! We were reminded over the weekend that without God in our lives, there is nothing good in us. Without the transforming power of His Son at work within us, we are evil and wicked to the core. He alone is worthy of our praise and to receive all glory.

And yes, we once again ask for your prayers as we begin the editing process. Tomorrow will start the process of recording audio for "The Final Stand" with some of our voice actors and then beginning to create the mouth movements in Motion 5. Creating mouth movements can be and is a tedious process. Pray for patience and excellence in our work as we move into this next step.
Pray also for each and every person that will watch this film. Pray that God will use this movie as a catalyst to draw people closer to Himself. That is why we are creating movies and that is our hearts' desire for this film!

A special thank you to all of you who watch our films and continue to support us in this ministry! You bless us in more ways then you will ever know!

Now, watch that teaser trailer! If you watched it first and then read this, by all means, watch it again. It is only 33 seconds long anyway. :)