Word for Word Bible Series & Agent 316 Series

It is time for the official announcement and we couldn't be more excited to tell you all this!

Filming a donkey in the Garden of Eden
Two film series are currently underway at BOJF! To God be the glory!

For those of you who have been following us for a while, you will remember an announcement about a Word for Word Bible Series a while back. This series would be comprised of episodes of stop-motion films based on the Bible, with the Word of God as the sole script.

Glory be to God! We are finally shooting this series!
Episode 1 is filmed and plans for Episode 2 are in full swing.

Waterfall in Garden of Eden

Agent 316 is a film of ours that we shot nearly two years ago. (Watch the trailer and learn how you can watch the film
For those of you who bought the
DVD and saw the Behind the Scenes from the DVD, there was rumor of a film series coming out to continue the story of Agent 316.

Well, the wait is over. By the grace of God, we just completed filming Episode 3 and are preparing to shoot Episode 2.

Water filming

We are so thrilled to be launching into these two new film series! Plus, we are so excited to show you all the final products in the days ahead!

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God is working dear friends! What a blessing it is to be pressing on in His power to further His kingdom through film and the other ministry opportunities He brings our way!

Forward for His glory!