Project 6 Filming Complete!

Praise the Lord! Filming is complete for Project 6!

We are so thrilled to have reached this milestone and are so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to arrive at this moment!
Yet, now with the filming done, we will now move onto post-production. As we begin to edit Project 6, we ask for your prayers. Pray that we may have patience, strength, and wisdom as we edit each and every shot. Specifically, we ask for prayer as we begin the audio recordings and start creating mouth movements for each of the characters. It can be a tedious process and prayer is defiantly in order. Pray also for the cast we will be choosing and assembling the next week to bring the characters in this film to life. And most importantly pray that the Lord's hand would continue to be in each and every edit and that He alone would take all the glory from this film!

And, just a reminder, an update more exciting then this is still coming tomorrow as promised!

Below are some screenshots and behind the scenes photos from the final scene of Project 6.

A photo from The Final Stand Green ScreenA photo from The Final Stand Green Screen 2A photo from The Final Stand Green Screen 3