The Brand New BOJF Website is here!

It has been nearly three years since we've updated the official BOJF website.
Where does the time go? It seems like we just updated it yesterday.

So we are pleased to present our brand-new, 3.0 release of our website!

We have been blessed to redesign everything from the ground up to give you all a more enjoyable web experience!

We've added many new things as well.

Below is a list of the major changes as you acclimate yourself to the new BOJF website layout.

  • Total redesign of all existing web pages
  • Film pages introduced that break out each BOJF film into different categories to make films easier to find
  • Enhanced and expanded Behind the Scenes page
  • Enhanced and expanded About Us page
  • Enhanced and expanded Resources page
  • Enhanced and expanded FAQ page
  • Revamped BOJF Blog
  • New blog added: For the Glory of Another
  • Enhanced and expanded Store page
  • Under the hood improvements that won't be noticed, but will speed up web browsing experience
  • Under the hood improvements for better visibility in search results
  • Videos are now embedded into the site for a safer browsing experience
  • Designed to be extremely mobile friendly

We are excited to see where the Lord continues to lead BOJF and we give Him alone all the glory!

(Also, rumor has it that something about a Project XlV is soon to be coming, so be sure to check back soon!)