Agent 316 Episodes 2 & 3 Completed!

Glory be to the Lord! Episodes 2 & 3 of Agent 316 are completed! After two years of waiting, The Agent 316 Series is truly reality!
So, how does one view these latest projects? We are glad you asked! :)

A316 Episode 2 Screenshot
In addition to the currently produced episodes, by the grace of God, the Agent 316 Series will be available in its entirety later this year for digital rental, purchase and download. As of now, the trailers have not been released for these latest episodes, yet, there is a way to view these two brand-new episodes from BOJF!

We are pleased to announce these two episodes will be available for purchase at all the conventions we will be attending this year. Our team has been hard at work and the DVDs are out for replication at the writing of this post. Not only will the DVDs contain these unreleased episodes, but there also will be over 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage that will not be releasing with the digital on demand version of the
Agent 316 Series.
So be sure to come by and see us!

Also, for those of you who don't live within reach of a convention we will be attending, stay tuned! Information on how to acquire these DVDs will be coming soon.

It has been truly incredible to see the hand of God upon the
Agent 316 Series and we are THRILLED to have the first two episodes completed!
Filming for episode 4 has already begun and we look forward to sharing more as we press on in this series to the glory of God!

A big thank you to all of you who support this ministry and may God and God alone be glorified!

Behind the Scenes of Agent 316Behind the Scenes Agent 316