Three New Videos in Speaking Sessions

Today we are announcing the addition of three more videos to our Speaking Sessions page.

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Nathaniel was recently blessed to have the opportunity to preach three sermons over the course of the past year. At BOJF, everything we do is angled to point back to Jesus and God's holy Word, the Bible. So it is fitting to add these to our growing expanse of resources available on our website.

Each message deals with a core underlying principle BOJF operates on.

Colossians 3:1-17 - We are to set our eyes upon Christ, living for His glory alone.
Mark 7:1-23 - We do not live our lives based on human traditions and opinions, but rather the Word of God.
Mark 8:24-9:1 - Christ calls us to give Him our all, no matter the cost.

We pray you are blessed, encouraged and challenged by these messages. They can be found by clicking
here, which will redirect you to our Sessions & Sermons Page.

To God alone be the glory!