101 Reasons to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from all of us here at Because of Jesus Films!

In today's day and age, it can be so easy to forget all of the blessings the Lord has given us. So please take the time with us today to count some of our uncountable blessings!
Note that the list is not in order of importance, except probably the few few, then the rest of the list is blessings in order as they came to mind. :)

We are thankful for...
1. God
2. His Word
3. God's love, mercy and grace
4. Forgiveness from sins
5. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit
6. Family
7. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world
8. The blessed hope of eternity in Heaven
9. That we are a new creation in Christ
10. For the ability to hide the Word of God in our hearts
11. The ability to move and walk
12. The ability to be able to communicate
13. That we can hear
14. That we can see
15. Church family
16. Fellow Christian Filmmakers
17. Friends
18. iStopMotion3
19. RapidWeaver
20. Abundance of food and water
21. Shelter
22. Car
23. Freedom of speech
24. Electricity
25. Cameras
26. Computers
27. Final Cut Pro
28. Internet
29. Hard drive storage for lots of memories and film files
30. God-honoring music
31. Christian films
32. Worldview Christian Film Festival
33. Ken Ham
34. Ark Encounter
35. Creation Museum
36. Buddy Davis
37. Ray Comfort
38. Living Water Ministries
39. Bible Bee
40. Abundance of God's Word in my home
41. Christian bookstores
42. Pastors
43. Paper
44. Pens and pencils
45. Erasers
46. Abundance of clothing
47. Phones
48. God's creation
49. The great outdoors
50. Camping
51. Museum of the Bible
52. Steve Green and family
53. Benham Brothers
54. Chick-Fil-A
55. Chipotle
56. Grocery stores
57. Playmobil
58. LEGO
59. Stop-Motion
60. Did we mention Chick-Fil-A?
61. The privilege to vote
62. Living in America
63. Life
64. Liberty
65. The joy we have in Christ
66. Computer mice
67. External hard drives
68. Books
69. The seasons
70. Christmas
71. Good Friday
72. Easter
73. Jesus' death and resurrection
74. Christmas lights
75. Christmas music
76. Pages
77. Silverware
78. Tables
79. Chairs
80. Paintbrush
81. Rocking chairs
82. Cracker Barrel
83. Water slides
84. GoPros
85. Drones
86. Maps
87. GPS
88. Roads
89. Gas
90. Safety in traveling from point a to point b
91. Final Cut Pro Plugins
92. The gospel
93. John 3:16
94. A sharp memory
95. Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving dinner
96. Peace that surpasses all understanding
97. Photoshop
98. Fellowshipping with believers
99. The Great Commission
100. Printers
101. This list could go on forever, but we will end with this, no longer being slaves to sin, rather being children of the one true King!

We have so many things to be thankful for, whether they be our salvation or staplers!

Let us take a moment today, and every day for that matter, to thank God for who He is and all that He has done and continues to do for us!

Psalm 136, Psalm 148