Only You Jesus

These last few blog posts I've allowed myself to be a little…ok, a LOT more vulnerable than usual. :) For sometimes as leaders, whether that be at our local fellowship, a ministry, a business or with family and friends, we can come across as too perfect.
It is so easy to forget leaders are no different from any other human being.

We are weak and face the same struggles every other human being faces.


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Life is Fragile

Life is short, incredibly short and very, very fragile.

I was reminded of this recently when I picked up a friend from the hospital.

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Why We Do What We Do

Why? Why are we here? Who are we living for? What is our purpose in life? Where is true meaning found? How do we measure success? What gets us up in the morning?

These are questions that every person faces in their life. The answers to these questions will determine how we live our lives, what we value, and where we invest our time and resources.

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