The Cost of Silence

There is a powerfully convicting verse in James 4. In verse 17 it says, “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

My friends, it is high time we break the silence and talk about the cost of silence.

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The Choice

Yesterday, I wrote about not taking one day for granted when it comes to life and especially one’s loved ones.

Tonight, I am wrestling through something I am simply entitling, “The Choice.”

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Don't Take One Day for Granted

Well, another sleepless night chronicle. Hopefully, the continuation of this spontaneous series will be short-lived. :)

One year ago tomorrow, I lost my dearest friend in this life. I thought I’d be fine tonight, yet it hit me harder than I thought it would.
Thus, this is why my lantern burns at this hour and my quill is dipping into ink and scratching across parchment.

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Can't Stop the Light

Well, it is 2:30am again tonight.
After considering
last night’s article, it seemed fitting and necessary for there to be a follow-up post.

Yes, it is true the darkness I have been facing in my life is great. Yet, there is another side of the coin that must be shown. For you see, the darkness CANNOT stop the light!

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The Dead of Night

It’s 2:30am in the morning. I should be asleep, but I’m not.

Sleep and I play a relentless game of hide and seek nowadays. I’m not a good seeker, let’s just leave it at that. :)

To be honest, I dread the stillness of the night. For in the bustle of the day, I can shut out the pain, dull the ache of my heart and push away the fear and discouragement.

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18 Years

I turned 18 today. 18 years of walking with the Lord as a Christ follower.

After a crazily busy day that isn’t over yet, I’m finally sitting down to think about my spiritual birthday.

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Cynical or Expectant?

Cynical: Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity; doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.

Expectant: Having or showing an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something good, interesting or beneficial.

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Am I Really Pro-Life?

I attended a March for Life rally today.

Such events always leave me sobered, encouraged, frustrated and hopeful.

Yet, one question has been the cause for great searching of heart. The question, am I really pro-life?

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Where Do You Stand?

Where do you stand?

It is the question that comes to mind as I ponder the past year of 2019 and the present future of 2020.

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In Christ Alone?

Once, I heard a quote that stated we never lie more to God than when we sing.

Ever since then, I’ve paid greater attention to my worshipping of God in song.
I seek to ask myself, am I simply singing the words, not even meaning them? Or do I truly live them?

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Recently, my humanity required I add something new to my life, glasses. :)

Turns out, I am shortsighted and things are blurry at a distance. Yet, my shortsightedness extends further than just the physical realm, it seems I am shortsighted spiritually as well.

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Only You Jesus

These last few blog posts I've allowed myself to be a little…ok, a LOT more vulnerable than usual. :) For sometimes as leaders, whether that be at our local fellowship, a ministry, a business or with family and friends, we can come across as too perfect.
It is so easy to forget leaders are no different from any other human being.

We are weak and face the same struggles every other human being faces.


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Somewhere Between the Sword & the Angel

I recently studied Acts 12 for a Bible study and was struck by the two extremes for Peter and James in deliverance from their current trial. Both were delivered, but with different outcomes.

James was taken from this life and brought into the presence of His Savior. For a believer, this is a day for which we all yearn. We ache for the Lord to take us home, for we long to be in His presence. To see our Savior face to face and to spend eternity in the light of His presence.

For Peter, he was delivered from his trial by a miraculous escape from prison, as God sent an angel to do the impossible. One doesn’t escape by chance or human power from the depths of a prison, chained between two guards, with a total of sixteen soldiers guarding you.

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Souls Not Numbers

The spiritual war believers are in is very real and so are the consequences of this war.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is not a battle over territory, wealth or power, this is a war over the eternal destines of the souls of men, women and children.

Yet, how easy it is to forget the high stakes of this war and view it lightly.

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The World is Dark

Every day, it seems that our world becomes a little darker. Another tragedy, another falling-out in a relationship, another person walking away from the Lord, more and more compromise with the truth of God’s Word, good being called evil and evil called good, when will it ever end?

Yet, is it possible I am simply starting to see more and more the seriousness of sin as I mature in my walk with the Lord?

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The Valley

(This story is an allegory to the trials we as believers face in this life. My prayer for us as believers is that we will keep our eyes locked on the King, even when we are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. As the hurt and attacks keep coming, may we press on after Him, for He is worth our all. To God alone be the glory!)

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Life is Fragile

Life is short, incredibly short and very, very fragile.

I was reminded of this recently when I picked up a friend from the hospital.

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