The Choice

Yesterday, I wrote about not taking one day for granted when it comes to life and especially one’s loved ones.

Tonight, I am wrestling through something I am simply entitling, “The Choice.”

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Driving By Faith

6:15am, it was dark, cold and snowy.

65mph feels WAY too fast a speed to be going with those conditions.

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Grasping at Straws (Part 1)

There is an old expression, “grasping at straws” that I have come to a greater appreciation of this past week.
As a refresher to those of us who haven’t heard this expression in a while, I went ahead and pulled out its definition.

Grasping at straws - This idiom (expression) refers to a drowning person grabbing any floating object, even a straw, to save themselves.

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Recently, my humanity required I add something new to my life, glasses. :)

Turns out, I am shortsighted and things are blurry at a distance. Yet, my shortsightedness extends further than just the physical realm, it seems I am shortsighted spiritually as well.

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This is Why We Fight

There are times in my life where I despair. Times where I wonder why in the world I am doing what I am doing. For truly, the Christian life is grueling and draining.

It is times like these I need someone to sit me down and tell me a tale, a tale of the knight Sir Mathania…

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