Grasping at Straws (Part 1)

There is an old expression, “grasping at straws” that I have come to a greater appreciation of this past week.
As a refresher to those of us who haven’t heard this expression in a while, I went ahead and pulled out its definition.

Grasping at straws - This idiom (expression) refers to a drowning person grabbing any floating object, even a straw, to save themselves.

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This is Why We Fight

There are times in my life where I despair. Times where I wonder why in the world I am doing what I am doing. For truly, the Christian life is grueling and draining.

It is times like these I need someone to sit me down and tell me a tale, a tale of the knight Sir Mathania…

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Souls Not Numbers

The spiritual war believers are in is very real and so are the consequences of this war.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is not a battle over territory, wealth or power, this is a war over the eternal destines of the souls of men, women and children.

Yet, how easy it is to forget the high stakes of this war and view it lightly.

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The World is Dark

Every day, it seems that our world becomes a little darker. Another tragedy, another falling-out in a relationship, another person walking away from the Lord, more and more compromise with the truth of God’s Word, good being called evil and evil called good, when will it ever end?

Yet, is it possible I am simply starting to see more and more the seriousness of sin as I mature in my walk with the Lord?

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Life is Fragile

Life is short, incredibly short and very, very fragile.

I was reminded of this recently when I picked up a friend from the hospital.

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Christianity - A Dying Cause

No, the title of this post is no typo. I meant what I wrote, Christianity - A Dying Cause

To be honest, there are days and even months in my life where the cause seems lost. Every day it seems our world becomes darker. It seems as if the light keeps dying and the darkness continues to fill the void the light has left.

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The Greatest Day of My Life!

Yes, I’m only 19 and I’ve already had the greatest day of my life!

No, it didn’t involve money, a trip, a human relationship or some new gadget or toy.

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Suffering vs. Glory

This life can be painful, difficult, hard and discouraging at times, can it not? I know from personal experience that all of the above are true.
Yet, how easy it is to forget the reality of the goodness, kindness and love of our God to us in the midst of hardship.
With this in mind, let's break down a verse from Romans 8 that has been on my mind recently.

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