The Final Conclusion (Part 7 Back to the Word on Marriage)

The closing of a blog series, a film or a book is always the hardest part to write.
For months now, I have pondered off and on what this final article should contain. I have sat down several times with the intention of writing it and found myself scrapping whatever I wrote.

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Casting Opinions Aside (Part 6 Back to the Word on Marriage)

To be fully honest, I started this series with a lot of opinions that I desired to present to the world.

Yet, the Lord had other plans...

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There is Hope (Part 5 Back to the Word on Marriage)

When I embarked on writing this blog series, I didn’t realize how much the Lord was going to challenge me regarding the importance of marriage.
Nor did I fully realize how God was going to challenge me regarding the sacredness of marriage.
And finally, I did not realize how much of a deeper appreciation I would have of God’s love for me.

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Selfless Love (Part 4 Back to the Word on Marriage)

Ok, as a head’s up this blog isn’t just a post specifically about marriage, though that is the angle I shall be approaching it from.
On the contrary, we would all deeply benefit to learn from God’s Word on this topic, married or not.

Now, let us begin…

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Love Defined (Part 3 Back to the Word on Marriage)

As I’ve pondered the third article for the Back to the Word on Marriage I have to be honest, nothing has really leapt to my mind.
So my original intent to write “Flippant Society Examined” has been scrapped. For truly, one doesn’t have to look far to see the hurt, the brokenness and the pain in a society that shakes its fist at God and His ways when it comes to marriage.

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Two Words, Faithfulness & Commitment (Part 2 Back to the Word on Marriage)

Two words, faithfulness & commitment.

When it comes to marriage, these are key & pivotal words. Yet, we have lost their meaning and their importance in today’s society.

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God Takes Marriage Seriously (Part 1 Back to the Word on Marriage)

In my introductory post, I mentioned that God takes marriage very seriously. Since God takes this covenant seriously, we too, should take it seriously.

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Back to the Word on Marriage Blog Series (Introduction)

Marriage, it is a lifelong covenant established by God Himself. Yet, our culture has taken this sacred covenant so lightly and flippantly.

It is time we as believers toss out the lies and deceptions. It is time to treat marriage with the honor and reverence such a sacred and holy covenant deserves. It is high time to get back to the Word on marriage.

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