There is Hope (Part 5 Back to the Word on Marriage)

When I embarked on writing this blog series, I didn’t realize how much the Lord was going to challenge me regarding the importance of marriage.
Nor did I fully realize how God was going to challenge me regarding the sacredness of marriage.
And finally, I did not realize how much of a deeper appreciation I would have of God’s love for me.

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As I look toward the closing of this series, it seemed fitting there would be an article by the name of There is Hope.
For in truth, it isn’t hard to realize how far away from the Word marriage is in our culture and even our world.

  • How can there be hope when the divorce rate is at an all-time high?
  • How can there be hope when selfless, unconditional love has been replaced with selfishness and me-centeredness?
  • How can there be hope when faithfulness and commitment are seen as archaic terms of the past?
  • How can there be hope when purity and integrity seem to be regarded as worthless?
  • How can there be hope when guy/girl relationships are treated flippantly and carelessly, like this is just some fun game?
  • How can there be hope when the ideals of men have been exalted high instead of God’s Word when it comes to guy/girl relationships?
  • How can there be hope when it seems the enemy has triumphed in every angle of this area?

Yes, that is a lot of questions and to be honest, I don’t have answers to all of them.

Yet one thing is certain, my study for this series has imprinted firmly on my mind and heart that all the sessions, self-help books, opinions and ideas that are out there regarding marriage are worthless.
What we desperately need is a return to the pure, undiluted, unadulterated, un-compromised Word of God and what Almighty God says regarding marriage.

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Until God’s Word is elevated to its rightful place again, this situation will only continue to worsen.

So why do I have hope in the midst of what seems to be a hopeless situation?

Because my God is able to do immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine. He is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing.
How I praise His name that He can redeem the deepest hurt and brokenness to the glory of His name!

I think back to my blog post on the book of Hosea and the great picture of unconditional love God displays to us through that prophet. The breathtakingly, beautiful picture painted there is a reminder of the unconditional love of God for you and for me.

Tell me, if God is able to redeem and display His power through a story like that, what is He unable to redeem?
Where is He unable to bring hope?
Where is He unable to bring glory to His name?
Tell me, is God unable, is His arm too short?
Do we serve a small God who is unable to redeem broken marriages, broken lives, the pain of divorce, the flippancy of the next generation, the endless, unbiblical rules that have been imposed, the deceitful lies of the enemy and the selfishness of a culture that screams “me first”?
Is all this too much for Him to redeem or turn around?

Is God able? Yes or no?

Do you and I believe He is working all things out for the good of those who love Him? Yes or no?

Do we believe His cleansing, redeeming power is greater than our deepest stain? Yes or no?

Do we really believe He is unable to turn hearts to once again holding marriage as the sacred covenant He created it to be? Yes or no?

I admit, when I look around with my human perspective, my hope is pretty bleak.
Yet, when I take my eyes off the mess and turn them to the glorious King of kings, hope soars.

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Yes, my friends, yes, He is able. Yes, there is hope in this broken world for the covenant of marriage.

So here’s to turning our eyes to the Author of marriage, crying out to Him for restoration of marriages, for selfishness to be stripped away and for marriage to be held in high honor once more.

God is still a God of miracles. So may our eyes be upon Him as we boldly proclaim and live truth, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Is it possible to see this culture, this world, get back to the Word on marriage?

Humanly speaking, no, but with God, let’s go!

Lord, we cry out to You today. We know and realize how far we’ve drifted away from what Your Word says on marriage. And indeed, our culture is reaping the destruction of what we’ve sown.
The brokenness is beyond our comprehension, the breakdown beyond our ability to fix and the hurt beyond our ability to heal.
In all the brokenness and the mess, we come before You and cry out for Your power, Your might and Your strength. Lord, do the impossible. Turn the hearts of husbands back to their wives and the hearts of wives back to their husbands. We cry out for purity, faithfulness and commitment to be held high once more. We pray for the sacred realization that marriage is a picture of Christ’s love for the Church. We pray for a godly selflessness and unconditional love.
Lord, I am at a loss for words in just what to pray, but my eyes are turned to You. Show Your power and might. Give us the grace to stand firm on truth. Be glorified as Your people return once again, to Your Word regarding marriage.
To You alone be the glory Lord!
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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