Post-Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving, we are all familiar with the day we’ve set aside each year to reflect on our many blessings.

Pumpkins in Cart

Yet, I find it ironic that right after the day we give thanks, we have this day called Black Friday. I would argue that "Black Friday" is simply a code term for "National Day of Covetousness."
I got a chance to look through some ads yesterday and I was utterly amazed by the overwhelming amount of deals that loudly proclaimed that I needed this or that for contentment and fulfillment in my life.
I’ll be honest, I need absolutely nothing. Yet, I admit as I looked through the deals, a desire for more was certainly present in my heart.

We as human beings seem to have an incessant desire for more. Black Friday simply exposes those covetous desires that are already there.

Seriously, how can people be thankful one day for God's many blessings in their lives and the next day be running down one another in a parking lot for a $19.99 crockpot?

Pretty crazy, right?

In America, we have been given more than what we know to do with. God has blessed us so richly, spiritually and materially. Yet, how grateful are we for all of our blessings?

We live in a day and age when many of our fellow believers are being imprisoned and even dying simply because they profess the name of Jesus. I don't have to concern myself with that reality in my country because it is non-existent.
Many believers have to risk their lives to own a copy of the Word of God. I have at least ten copies on my shelf behind me.
Witnessing is illegal in other countries, we can shout Jesus’ name from the rooftops if we so desire.

Many of the world’s population has no access to clean water and basic necessities like food and shelter. Our problem is we have too many leftovers in the fridge and we need larger homes to store our many possessions.

We have been blessed so richly! And I have to ask myself, what am I doing with my over abundance of blessings?

One thing the Lord has recently deeply impressed on my heart is the worth of Jesus. There is nothing in this world that compares with Him. He is my all in all and He alone is truly enough. He is everything I have ever wanted and more.

Look, I’m a Christian who has been involved in filmmaking. I’ve seen the glitz, the glamor, the wealth. I’ve been to a red carpet, stayed in a five star hotel. I’ve been on film sets, met some successful people (by the world's standards that is.)

Yet, it is all worthless. If we are basing our success and our wealth on anything else but Jesus, we are missing the very point and purpose of life.

Jesus is enough!

Yes! Really and truly!

The things of this world, even the good things, are rubbish compared to Him.

Rubbish Garbage Heap

Yet, how often do days like Black Friday reveal my ungratefulness and the fact that I don’t live in the reality that Jesus is enough?

I deserved Hell and now because of Jesus, I’m getting Heaven. I should be wandering in this life with no purpose and joy, yet in Jesus I have both. The uncertainty of this life should be stealing my peace, yet in Jesus I have an unshakable peace. I could have nothing in this world, yet having Jesus I'd have everything.
If I am loved by no one but the God of the universe, it is enough.
I can bring my deepest hurts, struggles, joys and thanksgiving before His throne anytime, whether it be day or night.

Dear friends, Jesus is enough!

Let us live in this reality and may our love for Jesus be our sole motivation and drive in life!

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has nothing I desire besides You.” - Psalm 73:25

"I say to the LORD, 'You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.' " - Psalm 16:2