Christianity - A Dying Cause

No, the title of this post is no typo. I meant what I wrote, Christianity - A Dying Cause

To be honest, there are days and even months in my life where the cause seems lost. Every day it seems our world becomes darker. It seems as if the light keeps dying and the darkness continues to fill the void the light has left.

White Crosses in Field
Indeed, I could rant for a long while about the compromise, the wickedness, the vileness, the evil that lurks around every corner.
I could equally rant about the lack of passion for Christ among those who profess to be believers.

I repeat, Christians are involved in a dying cause.

Yes, Christianity is dying, dying…dying. Slowly, but surely.

Darkness is closing in, evil is grinning, the light is fading, night is upon us.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty hopeless. All seems to be lost.

The battles of life are closing on. I’m sick of fighting. I’m tired of seeking to live pure & holy, yet seeming to be getting nothing but pain & hurt.

Is trying for this integrity thing even worth it? We are getting crushed in battle. Why are we wasting our lives? We’re losing. We are getting crushed. We are losing ground, not winning it back. We are just delaying the inevitable defeat that is coming.

Game over.

Hang up the sword, it isn’t worth it. Let’s get out while there is still something to salvage.

As I go to hang my sword up, like a lighting bolt across the sky, my mind flashes back to that fateful day.

My Savior Jesus hangs on the cross, His lifeblood rapidly draining from His body. He is unrecognizable, having been beaten so badly. His face is hard to see with all those thorns piercing the upper part of His head. He fights for every breath, using the nails in His wrists & feet to pull up for each breath, His bloodied back is opened all the more by the rough wood as He struggles for each breath.
The sight is too much to take in, I turn away, sickened to my stomach.
A man stands next to me, screaming curses at the top of his lungs toward the dying Son of God on the cross. Repulsed by the cruelty of the man, I turn to rebuke him, but stop short, it is me.
Jesus looks up, fighting for breath. It is obvious He is trying to say something.
I wait, expecting some well-deserved, just curse to be pronounced on the mocking onlookers.
He cries out, “Father!” then struggles for His next breath. He continues, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He pulls up once more on the nails, drawing in another painful breath. His eyes turn toward me and pierce the depths of my soul. Yet, not with hate, but love - pure, true, unconditional love. “It is finished!” He cries and with that, draws one last breath and dies.

I stand in shock. He forgave me…He forgave ME.

Rugged Cross on a Hillside

I snap back to the present, eyes wide, heart pounding. The sword in my hands feels like it weighs a hundred pounds.
Yes, yes, Christianity IS a dying cause. Dying to bring life to others. Our Savior led the example in this, dying so others might live. He died so that I and any other who would turn to Him as Savior would not perish, but have eternal life.

I fight back tears as I am reminded of my calling. I have been called to a dying cause. My Savior extends an invitation to take up my cross and join Him in death. Death.
(Luke 9:23)
Dying to self, so that others might see His light and life shine through me.

Is it possible we have forgotten this? Is it possible the lack of passion for the Lord that so often plagues Christians is because we have forgotten we are called to a dying cause?
Perhaps, our cause seems to be dying, because we are not?

Jesus did not call us to life preservation, but rather death. He has told us in His Word that whoever loves their life will lose it, while the one who loses their life for His sake will find it.
(John 12:25)

It is time to die, for truly, only in dying do we find His victory and the same resurrection life that brought our Savior back from the dead.
(Galatians 2:20 Romans 6:1-14)

Do I believe He is worth it?

Self or Jesus? The question is simple, but the results of the answer to that simple question are astronomical.

Yes, Christianity is a dying cause. A dying to self so that Christ’s life and light might shine through us.

May we throw ourselves into this dying cause and may Christ bring His light back to this land as His people advance the true dying cause of Christianity.

Yes, He is worth it and yes, I need to press on in this cause. If Jesus can love a former wretched sinner like I was and keep loving me unconditionally as I work on this thing called sanctification, by His grace, I can keep loving others and fighting the battles of life.
May God help me, for I am desperately aware I am unable to do this in my own strength.

He is worthy, worthy of my all.

Better to bleed to death on the front lines of the King’s forces, than live in luxury at the back of the lines.

So onward to death in this dying cause, and yes, onward to victory in His power!