My Shoes Aren't Cool

Yes, apparently my shoes aren’t cool.

Ministry, despite the difficulty of it, is such a blessing.
I was privileged to serve some precious children tonight through a local ministry.
Yet, kids are kids and sometimes they say things without thinking. :)
Thus, the comment about my shoes.

I was sitting with four kids in between a transition time during a portion of the evening. I heard something about my shoes and inquired, "What about them?" One of the kids blurted out, “They aren’t cool.”

Now, I realize that $19.99 brown all-purpose, slightly dressy, no-brand shoes from Sam’s Club isn’t the idea of cool in this generation. Yet, these shoes have served me quite well.

Brown Shoes

Now I know the kid was just blurting something out due to the silliness children can tend to display, especially not thinking before they speak. :) Yet, this young boy got me thinking tonight.

You know, I don’t want to be cool. I don’t want to be trendy. I don’t want to be lauded and complimented by this world.

Rather, I want to be a fool for Jesus. Weird, strange, silly, irrelevant, crazy, you fill in the adjective of your choice when it comes to the word “fool.”

Why would I want to be cool? I’m called to be on fire for the Lord. (Romans 12:11)
Why would I want to be trendy? I’m called to be set apart, not one who blends or fits in. (Romans 12:1-2)
Why would I want to be lauded and complimented by the world? The praise of men is worthless, the praise of God is eternal. (Luke 6:26, John 12:43)

Where has this ridiculous idea come into play that we need to be blend in to our culture? This idea of fitting in, so we can then preach the name of Jesus?

Why does our music so often copy that of the world’s in its spiritual bankruptcy, shallow theology and a focus on self? Why are our films so often like a moralized, water-downed version of Hollywood? How come we dress so much like the world in drawing attention to our selves rather than Christ? Why do argue about and assert our freedom in Christ to do questionable things? Aren’t we called to live above reproach? To not just do the right thing, but make it look right as well?

Why aren’t we standing out like a white flower growing in a pile of black coal?

White Rose on Black Background

In whose eyes are we more concerned about measuring up in? The eyes of the world or the eternal, all-seeing eyes of God Almighty?
What is this with our celebrity pastors, our famous musicians? Our ministry and church brands?
When did this become about being cool and relevant in the eyes of the world instead of being radically sold-out to Christ?

Why would I want to be trendy and cool in this world? This world thinks God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, purity, integrity, character, modesty, holiness and godliness is irrelevant. Is that the kind of relevant we are striving for? God forbid it from being so!

We are called to be set apart. We are called to be holy as our God is holy. Do we even grasp the high-calling we have in that statement? Holy is defined as sinless, set apart, moral and excellent perfection. (1 Peter 1:16)

Is this what we are aspiring to?
Or, are we trying to be cool with that latest pair of Nike’s or whatever else is trending in the shoe world?

Yes, my shoes aren’t cool, and they never will be.
Yes, my biblical views on entertainment and modesty aren’t cool either.
Yes, I love Jesus and I am not ashamed of Him. That isn’t cool either.
Yes, I cling to what many would call the outdated, dusty, musty commands and teachings of the Bible. And yes, I shall continue to cling to this “foolishness” no matter how much I am ridiculed.
Yes, my firm belief rooted in Scripture isn’t popular, that apart from salvation in Christ all are miserable, wicked sinners headed straight to Hell. It will never trend on Twitter, yet this truth is permanently trending in my life.
Yes, I boldly proclaim that salvation is found through faith in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Another truth that won't trend on Twitter or Facebook.
Yes, I fully declare life isn’t about me and I am here to be a servant of all. Yes, that is seen as weak and cowardly in today’s culture. So be it.
Yes, I believe in walking in integrity, purity, godly love and character toward all people the Lord crosses my path with. It seems silly and pointless to the world and I shall gladly wear that label from them.
Yes, to the world I am wasting my life. If so, I’d gladly “waste” a hundred lives on this same pursuit of Christ if I had them.

Yes, I am a full-fledged uncool, foolish, outdated, peculiar, strange, crazy person who’s wasting his life living it for the glory of Another and I couldn’t be more content and joyful in that label!

How about you?

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” - 1 Corinthians 1:27

“We are fools for Christ.” - 1 Corinthians 4:10a