Back to the Word on Marriage Blog Series (Introduction)

Marriage, it is a lifelong covenant established by God Himself. Yet, our culture has taken this sacred covenant so lightly and flippantly.

It is time we as believers toss out the lies and deceptions. It is time to treat marriage with the honor and reverence such a sacred and holy covenant deserves. It is high time to get back to the Word on marriage.

Rose & Rings

To say I am excited to introduce this blog series today would be an understatement. On top of that, to say I am approaching this blog series with fear and trembling would also be an understatement.

God takes marriage very seriously. Our culture might treat it flippantly, but God does not excuse such flippancy.

For the past few years, the Lord has been challenging me immensely regarding what His Word says about marriage, as opposed to what culture says and yes, even what a lot of Christians say.

Now by His grace, I am here to share what God's Word says on the matter. This isn't my opinion, my preferences, or my take on marriage. No, I would be an utter fool to take up parchment and pen to write my own opinions down.
This is all from His Word, His words, not mine.

May we all be encouraged, challenged and convicted as we take an honest look into what the Word says regarding this sacred covenant relationship.

Here's to what God will do in our land as we return to His beautiful design for marriage, abandoning the lies and deceptions of this culture!

"Marriage should be honored by all." - Hebrews 13:4a

Part 1 - God Takes Marriage Seriously