This is Why We Fight

There are times in my life where I despair. Times where I wonder why in the world I am doing what I am doing. For truly, the Christian life is grueling and draining.

It is times like these I need someone to sit me down and tell me a tale, a tale of the knight Sir Mathania…

Knight Wearing Armor Breastplate
Mathania trudged onward, wearily placing one foot in front of the other. The noonday sun beat down upon his tired brow as the cloudless sky gave no relief from the sun’s intense rays.
He craned his neck, surveying the knights marching after him. Oh, how he begrudged days like this! Here he was, in charge of a battalion of men and he wanted nothing more than to slip away and hide from this war.

He sighed and turned his eyes forward once more.
Mathania and his men slowly began their descent from the hilly range they had been traversing, following the winding path downward into the valley below.
Chills ran up and down Mathania’s spine. He hated being this close to an entrance of The Pit.
Yet, downward they trudged, the uneasiness growing among him and his men.

Barren Desert Valley
Sweat glistened on his forehead, even from this distance he could feel the heat.
A terrified scream rose from the west of them, startling the entire contingent of warriors.
Mathania strained his eyes to see where this scream had come from. What he saw coming toward them turned his heart cold in his chest.

Six Dark Warriors were coming, two of them each dragging a person between them. Their captives struggled, but their struggle was in vain.
The warriors from Mathania’s contingent all drew their swords, prepared for whatever attack these Dark Warriors might bring, few though they might be.

Suddenly, there was a shuddering vibration that sent Mathania tumbling to the ground. He tried to scramble back up, but the earth seemed to shaking all around him. There was a great rush of a foul-smelling air, followed by a splintering of rocks thirty paces from him and his warriors. He turned his head and his heart lurched within him.
A giant stone seemed to be splitting in two, revealing a dark tunnel that led downward into the depths of the earth. Horrifying & eerie sounds rose from the depths of this tunnel, sending shivers up and down Mathania’s spine.

A fellow knight gripped his shoulder. “Mathania, it is one of the gates to The Pit!”

The Dark Warriors drew nearer, their path leading them within a stone’s throw of the contingent of knights.
Trembling, Mathania rose to his feet, still shaky from the vibrations of the ground still happening all around him. He turned to watch the Dark Warriors and their victims. Two of their captives were men, one old and gray, the other, young. The third was a women, about the same age as the young man. The terror on all of their faces tore at Mathania’s heart.
A knight behind him yelled in righteous indignation, lunging towards the Dark Warriors with his sword pulled back to strike.

The fellow knight who had spoken to Mathania jumped on the knight from behind, pulling him to the ground. “No, no!” The other knight screamed. “That man is my father!” “Listen to me!” The older knight shouted over the other knight’s screams, “Those Dark Warriors are Transporters, we are not allowed to harm them. Their victims have sealed their fate and it is too late for them. There is nothing we can do to save them now.”
“NO! NOOOOO!” The knight screamed, then collapsed into the dirt of the valley, weeping uncontrollably.

A Dark Warrior looked their way and his eyes met Mathania’s. The exchange was brief, but Mathania couldn’t help but shudder and tremble in righteous fury from the depth of pure evil joy that lurked in the warrior’s eyes as he pulled his victim toward The Pit.

The knights watched helplessly as each victim was dragged to the entrance of The Pit. They become hysterical at the entrance and fought back all the harder, but there was nothing they could do to stop their evil captors. Each was dragged down into the depths of The Pit and the horrors that awaited them there.

The earth shuddered violently once more, knocking Mathania to the ground again. There was a sudden whoosh as it seemed all the air that had been spewed forth from The Pit was sucked out of the atmosphere. There was a sharp clap as the entrance to The Pit closed, leaving the screams of its newest victims ringing in the ears of each of the knights.

Rock Wall Outcropping in Desert
Slowly, each knight rose from the ground, shaky from what they had witnessed, while the knight who had lost his father remained weeping on the ground.

Sir Mathania turned to face the contingent of knights under his command. They stared back at their leader, looking for some word of comfort, some word of hope in the midst of the arid valley.
Mathania looked down, tears blurring his vision. “What do I say?” He wondered, lost in the pain of the moment. Taking a shaky, deep breath, he looked up at his fellow warriors.

“My dear brothers,” He spoke, his voice thick with emotion, “This is why we fight! This is why we take the abuse of battle, the drain of long marches, the pain of our wounds, the exhaustion of fighting a war that never seems to let up. This is why we stake our families, our fortunes, our lives and our sacred honor on these battlefields. We don’t fight for honor, for glory, or for fame. We fight for freedom for the souls of this kingdom, before it is too late.” He glanced toward The Pit, unable to continue.

His men were silent, pondering the words of their leader.
Sir Mathania gathered his emotions and faced his fellow warriors once more.
“Listen, I don’t have the words. I don’t have the strength. This fight drains me just as much as anyone else.” He looked with deep sadness towards the knight still on the ground.
“Yet, we mustn’t give up. We mustn’t.”

He walked over to the knight, placing his hand on the knight’s shoulder. “I…I am…we will…” Sir Mathania struggled for words, but could find none.
The knight lifted himself from the floor of the valley and Sir Mathania embraced his grieving warrior.
“I failed,” the knight sobbed, “I failed and he’s lost forever.” “No, no you didn’t fail.” Mathania whispered. “You were faithful in the King’s truth and that your father saw.”
“He’s gone.” The knight sobbed.
Mathania was silent, what words could he give to a grieving knight whose last hope was gone?

With a start, Mathania sat up. “Another dream,” He moaned. He slowly stood up and walked over to the washbasin in the tent. He splashed some water on his face, as if it would wash the memories of what had happened two weeks ago away. It didn’t.

He sighed and collapsed into a chair next to the stand the washbasin rested on.
He placed his head in his hands. His mind raced, images of many dear family and friends rushing before his mind, all whose destiny need at The Pit unless they surrendered to the King. He clenched his left hand into a fist and winced from the pain it caused. His wounds from his last battle were still healing.

“My King,” he whispered, “Give us strength.” Folding his hands, he rested his chin on them, gazing into the distance at nothing.

He closed his eyes once more, allowing the images of many dear people in his life to fill his mind. “Open their eyes, my King,” he begged, “And give me the strength to keep fighting, for them. Come quickly my King, but not yet, for there are still too many who are not ready.”
Mathania opened his eyes and gazed again into the distance at nothing.

“It’s worth it, isn’t it?” he whispered. “All the pain, all the hurt, all the long nights, the battles, they are worth it, are they not?” He clenched his jaw and nodded, Yes, they are worth it, for the lives of those still in need of the King are worth it.”

Mathania slid off the chair to his knees. Lifting his hands high, he cried out to the King for the lives of those still ensnared in the lies and deceptions of the Dark One.

Desert Sands in the Early Morning Light
I leave you, my reader, with a closing thought. Are not the souls of men, women and children worth the battles we face as believers? Is it not all worth it, to see them brought out of darkness into the glorious light of King Jesus?

Heaven is real, but so indeed is Hell.

May we press on in the strength of our King, looking to Him to bring the lost out of the darkness into His marvelous light.
May we be faithful messengers, proclaimers of the gospel and warriors for the truth as we trust the King to open blind eyes to His light!

To God alone be the glory!

“Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. If anyone was not found written in the book of life, they were cast into the lake of fire.”
- Revelation 20:14-15

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”
- John 3:16