The Final Conclusion (Part 7 Back to the Word on Marriage)

The closing of a blog series, a film or a book is always the hardest part to write.
For months now, I have pondered off and on what this final article should contain. I have sat down several times with the intention of writing it and found myself scrapping whatever I wrote.

Fountain Pen on a Notebook
As I have said before, this series didn’t go anything like I had planned. :)
When I started to write and plan out articles, I found out really quickly I was wanting to write my own opinions and what I thought people needed to hear.
The Lord graciously weeded that idea out and focused me on the truths I needed to learn and be reminded of
from Scripture.

So in this conclusion, I simply am going to lay out the bullet points of what the Lord taught and reminded me of through this study.

Part 1 - God Takes Marriage Seriously

  • God takes marriage seriously.
  • God is the one who gets to define the definition of marriage, not us.
  • Marriage is a sacred, covenant relationship created by God, to be comprised of one man and one woman for life.
  • The committed love between a husband and wife reflects glory to God, as we demonstrate His unconditional love to a dying world in need of His salvation.
  • Marriage is a picture of Christ’s committed and faithful love for the Church.
  • Marriage was created to be a secure and loving place for children to be raised.
  • Godly marriages are the backbone of society.

Part 2 - Two Words, Faithfulness & Commitment

  • Faithfulness and commitment are essential and non-negotiable to marriage.
  • Faithfulness/commitment to one’s spouse begins at birth and continues till death.
  • God made marriage to be for life, one man & one woman.
  • There is no sin, I repeat, no sin, that the blood of Jesus isn’t able to cover.

Part 3 - Love Defined

  • If love is based on feelings, it will not last.
  • Biblical love has no concern for self.
  • Love never fails.
  • The way God has called me to love is way beyond me. I need His strength to love as He loves.

Part 4 -
Selfless Love

  • Any time we as believers chase other gods and seek to find satisfaction in them rather than the Lord, these actions are affairs of our hearts.
  • Jesus loves us with an unconditional love, He never gives up on us.
  • Selfless love of any nature, places the glory of God and His love on display to a dying world that needs to see what real love looks like.

Part 5 - There is Hope

  • Until God’s Word is elevated to its rightful place again, the situation of marriage in our culture will only continue to worsen.
  • Our hope in the midst of a crumbling culture is the fact that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.
  • God can redeem the deepest hurt and brokenness to the glory of His name.

Part 6 - Casting Opinions Aside

  • We need to cast aside the opinions of culture when it comes to dating and the extreme flippancy that tends to exist in this mindset when it comes to marriage.
  • We need to cast aside the legalism that exists on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to courting. In the endless list of rules and regulations, it has become about performance, control and pride.
  • I have no authority or power when it comes to speaking on marriage, nor does any other human being for that matter.
  • God is the Author of marriage and He alone has the right to define its definition, boundaries and specifications.
  • Test what I have presented here with the Word.
  • Take in view what you and I have been taught regarding marriage and relationships before marriage and hold them all up to the Word and let the Word dictate whether they be true or false.

In going through and listing out the bullet points of this series, I am once again awed by the beauty God has created for there to be in marriage.
I am even more awed at how marriage is a picture of God’s love for us.
Looking at the biblical definition of marriage, wow. God loves us more than we can ever fathom!

May God redeem our brokenness, encourage our hearts in the truth and strengthen us to love as He has called us to love!

Eyes on Him and forward in this life in His mighty power!

To God alone be the glory!