Is Jesus Worth It?

Pressure. More pressure. Turn up the pressure. Stakes get higher. Ugh, pressure increasing. Is Jesus worth it? Pressure, pressure, pressure, PRESSURE…

Hammer Smashing Wood
This is a question we all face many times throughout our life. Truly, it is a question we face daily. Every decision made regarding this question is important and reveals where the affections of our hearts are truly fixed.

The question is this,
is Jesus worth it?

Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? I mean, we know the answer. Yes, of course, He is worth it. Yet, don’t we face this question often all the same? Allow me to paint some pictures.

Is Jesus really worth it? I mean, my day is so busy today, I don’t think I have time to spend with Him this morning, or all day for that matter. I’ll catch up on spending time with my Savior tomorrow.

Is Jesus really worth it? You see, I need this paycheck. Yeah, this isn’t totally right how we are doing this job, yet my supervisor told me to do it this way. Besides, no one will really ever know. If I do the right thing here, yeah, the consequences could be pretty bad.

Is Jesus really worth it? Everyone watches this type of entertainment. They all think I am silly if I don’t watch it. What am I gaining holding aloof? I guess it will be okay to watch this. I’m a strong Christian, it won’t affect me…I think.

Is Jesus really worth it? I know what they are talking about is not glorifying God, but if I say something…these are my friends, I don’t want to cause tension between us all. I think I will be quiet for now.

Is Jesus really worth it? Yeah, what they are doing is wrong. I know I should probably confront them, but they are in a position of authority. How could I challenge someone in that type of a position? I’m probably just being silly. Someone else will have to say something to them.

I could go on and on painting pictures like the above. I really could. Situation after situation where we have to decide,
is Jesus worth it?

Sure, we all would agree, yes, Jesus is worth it!

Yet, my actions speak louder than my preaching and my agreement of the truth I preach.
When the rubber meets the road, do my actions state I believe and live that Jesus is worth my all?
(Galatians 2:20, Romans 12:1, Luke 9:23)

Why do I fear man so much at times?! It is SO silly! I stand before God, not man, when I give an account of myself.
(Romans 14:12)

What is man? He is a vapor, a flower that withers, a mist that appears and vanishes, a mere shadow.
(James 4:14)
Who cares if I offend people living for Jesus? Isn’t His glory more important than pleasing everyone around me? If I believe God calls me to holiness, won't I speak out for holiness, even if it causes tension? Isn’t it worth tension in relationships when the cause of that tension is speaking truth in love? Isn’t the price Jesus paid for me on the cross worth considering? Why would I not live life to the hilt for His glory in His power?
Is it my glory or His I am more concerned about?

Yes, Jesus is worth it, but do I live like He is worth my all?
‘Cause He is, 110% for certain, He’s worth it.

My prayer is that I would live that statement, not just nod my head and agree with it.

May this life God has given me loudly proclaim, yes, Jesus is worth my all!

He gave me His all, how could I give any less?

“He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by His wounds you have been healed.”
- 2 Peter 2:24