Recently, my humanity required I add something new to my life, glasses. :)

Turns out, I am shortsighted and things are blurry at a distance. Yet, my shortsightedness extends further than just the physical realm, it seems I am shortsighted spiritually as well.

“Bringing something into perspective,” that is a saying I resonate with so much more now, than I did a few months ago.
All I have to do is take off my glasses to be reminded of what it is like when things aren’t in their proper perspective. Text becomes blurry, details are washed out, certain objects are seen as double in my vision and I become slightly off balance due to the perspective switch of no glasses.

Yes, I am extremely thankful to live in a society where my poor vision was able to be corrected by two pieces of high-quality, precisely engineered plastic attached to plastic rims. :)

Yet, my need for a physical perspective adjustment isn’t my only need. I need a spiritual perspective adjustment as well.

For the parallels in my spiritual life mirror so much my physical life, glasses or not, I can see this problem very clearly.

For just as objects in the distance are blurry in my vision, so is eternity blurred in my spiritual vision.

Somewhere along the lines, I have forgotten about my eternal home with Jesus that awaits me. Somewhere along the lines, I’ve become so enamored with this life, I’ve forgotten about the next.

Not only that, with my spiritual vision for the future blurred, it also affects my spiritual vision in the up-close of my life as well.

Sure, in the physical realm I can read this text without glasses, but with glasses, the text is sharp as a tac.
Sure, I can live a half-way decent life for Jesus with my nearsighted spiritual vision, but my life’s drive isn’t as sharp as a tac to live sold-out to King Jesus.

Sure, I can get along relatively well in the physical world without my glasses, but I miss so much without them.
Sure, I can get along fine with my spiritual shortsightedness, but I miss so much that the Lord has called me to do and so much that He desires to teach and show me.

Sure, I can get along fine without my glasses, but my eyesight is sub-par, only "good enough" to get me along in life.
Sure, I can get along "just fine" without correcting my spiritual shortsightedness, but I don’t live this life to the full as my Lord intends me to.

So what’s the cure for my shortsightedness? A pair of prescription glasses did the trick for me in my physical life.
But what about the spiritual? What is my prescription there?

Blurry Landscape Picture
God has not left me without a cure by any means. Rather, the cure is listed in His Word and is in found in Colossians 3. It is so simple, yet I find it to be so difficult to live.

Set my heart and my mind on things above. In other words, set my eyes upon Jesus and Him alone. Lock in there upon Him and don’t look away.

In the light of His radiance is the cure to my spiritual shortsightedness. When my eyes are upon Him, life is put in its proper perspective. All those things that seemed to be important, fade into the background as I am reminded life is truly all about Him.
Nothing else and no one else will satisfy, only in Him does my soul find the satisfaction it so deeply longs for.
Only in Him am I reminded that I am to be living in the light of eternity, not for this vapor of a life that is here today and gone tomorrow.

Everything in this life is ultimately a chasing of the wind and meaningless, without Jesus. Without Jesus to put it all in perspective, life is pretty bleak.

This is why daily prayer and Bible study are so important to the Christian. Without time with Jesus, my vision begins to dim and I begin to focus on this present life instead of eternity, myself instead of others and my comfort instead of the fight for the souls of men, women and children. Souls are in the balance and the last thing I want to do is focus on me.
Yet, unless my eyes are locked in upon Jesus, that is exactly what I do, focus on myself.

My spiritual vision has been a little cloudy and blurry lately and I know why. In the battles, the difficulties, the craziness and the pain of life, I’ve allowed my eyes to drift off of Him.
The result? A man who is getting along
"just fine" in life, but isn’t living life to the hilt for His Savior.

Praise God for His forgiveness, mercy and grace, but it is high time in His strength I set my eyes fully upon Jesus again.

May He take my spiritual shortsightedness and clear my vision.
I want to see 20/20 not just in my physical life, but even more so, 20/20 in my spiritual life.

Come correct my vision Lord. May my eyes be turned heavenward, with eyes upon my dear Savior, who bled and died for me. May I take up my cross, pressing on in the way my Savior trod. Never looking back or down, but keeping my eyes fixed on the King of kings and Lord of lords who is worth more than any earthly crown. May You alone receive all the glory with this life! In Jesus' name, amen.