iPhone SE

When it comes to a smartphone, I am 110% a fan of the iPhone.

And no need to worry my readers, this blog post is not going to be about why the iPhone is the best phone to have. :)

Rather, the Lord used an iPhone to remind me of the brevity of life.

Hands down, my favorite iPhone of all time is the iPhone SE. The compact size, 4K video resolution, the aluminum and glass design...it was a great phone.

Recently, I needed to pick up another iPhone for a film series we are in pre-production for, entitled
“The Memoirs.” (You can view the teaser trailer for this upcoming series by clicking here)

Much to my excitement, the best phone for the job was the iPhone SE.
Yet something happened to my new purchase, much to my chagrin.

I turned the phone on and was dismayed to find the bottom of the LCD screen is going bad. Red lines and a small black spot now grace the screen.
I am blessed that the failing screen will not hamper the phone’s use in this upcoming series. Still, I was disappointed to see my favorite iPhone model deteriorate in this way.

As I moped around, frustrated for buying a phone that is now failing, the Lord graciously brought some things to my mind.

Everything in this world has a lifespan, an expiration date. Everything in this world deteriorates to some degree. It takes constant work to maintain homes and cars if one desires to keep them in good working order.
The things that sparkle and glisten become dull over time. The “technically advanced” original iPhone of 2007 is now a collectors item. And my iPhone SE isn’t far enough from joining that club.
Hard as it is to remember in this materialistic culture, life does not consist in the abundance of one’s possessions. (Luke 12:15, Matthew 6:19-20)

Inside Decorated Shopping Mall
Yes, I am grateful for the technological gadgets I have that allow me to create films.
Yes, I am so thankful to my King that He has placed me in this day and age to glorify His name through the avenue of entertainment.
Not to mention, there is an abundance of technology that allows me to create films in a way that wouldn’t have been possible just a few decades ago.

Yet, I am learning to hold loosely to the possessions I am blessed with. If my iPhone SE goes out completely tomorrow, it will be okay. If my personal iPhone fails tomorrow, it will be okay. Computer failure, yes, even if it is film files lost, it will be okay. My worth is not in what I own or what I create. Rather, it is in the King of kings and Lord of lords alone.

I understand more fully why Paul said he was content with little or much.
When Jesus is your all in all, you can’t help but be grateful for the Savior, whether you have much or little.
For when Jesus is your all, truly, one has everything they need.

It is so easy for me to say that Jesus is my all. Yet, it is when my iPhone SE screen starts to fail, that I am tested on that statement. Thanks be to the Lord when He lovingly has me do a heart check regarding the many blessings I have to work with at this company!

I would like to leave you with one more life lesson from the iPhone SE.

Life is brief. Just as my iPhone went from working perfectly to having a damaged LCD overnight, neither do I know the length of my days or how long I shall have strength to keep doing what I am doing.
For all I know, I could wake up unable to walk tomorrow…that is, if I have a tomorrow.

Now, I am not aiming to be morbid, discouraging or trying to create fear. Far be it for me to do that!

On the contrary, I have the hope of eternity with Jesus and that makes my heart soar! Come what may in this life, I have a perfect eternity with Jesus my Savior on the horizon. I don’t live for here, I live for there.

Yet, I am not guaranteed tomorrow. That is why it is so important that I live TODAY well. For truly, I never have tomorrow, I only always have today.

Understanding the brevity of my life, I desire to live it to the hilt for the glory of my King. I desire to live for what truly matters. I desire to proclaim the gospel of my Savior from the rooftops. To love others as Christ loved me and to build my life upon the foundation of the Word of God and the Word of God alone.
Eternity in sight, my eyes always locked in upon my Savior, fighting for souls…that’s how I want to live.

And all that from a damaged LCD on my favorite iPhone! :)

Don’t we serve such an awesome God?!