Casting Opinions Aside (Part 6 Back to the Word on Marriage)

To be fully honest, I started this series with a lot of opinions that I desired to present to the world.

Yet, the Lord had other plans...

Crumpled Up Paper & Trashcan
Instead of this series becoming about Nathaniel’s opinions, I found myself confronted with the unchangeable, unmoving, infallible, eternal Word of God.
Let’s just say my opinions lost and God’s Word won.

Yes, even as someone who regularly teaches from God’s Word and knows the folly of inserting my own opinion into God’s Word, I still wrestle with wanting to do just that.

So I praise God for His grace to me in this area, while He still relentlessly defends the integrity of His Word!
Even as a Christian, I continually need to have my thinking renewed and reshaped by the Scriptures.

So as I pen this second-to-last blog post in this series, I must make a request of you, my reader. I also make this same request of myself.

It is time for casting our opinions aside.

Look, I get it. Opinions run high because so many of us have scars in this area due to events in our own lives, the lives of others or the opinions and teachings of others.
Yet, I am afraid that is why so many are silent regarding the truth when it comes to marriage.

We fear hurting the hurt people more or of the backlash we will get from a world that enjoys its sin. We fear the backlash from people who didn’t know better and will feel we are condemning them. Not to mention the strange looks we will get from people as we call for holiness!

Yet, all the excuses in the world should never stop us from standing firm on what God’s Word says.
And if we are speaking biblically, telling of God’s truth AND His mercy & grace, what do we have to fear?

Bible on White Background Table
Now, I say these next couple things realizing I may very well offend almost everyone who reads this article. Yet, these two ways regarding how relationships are typically handled before marriage must be lovingly, yet firmly called out.

It is time to cast aside the opinions of culture when it comes to dating and the extreme flippancy that tends to exist in this mindset.
Overall here, there is a disregard for the sacred covenant of marriage and the faithfulness & commitment one is to have for one’s spouse and one’s spouse alone.
Instead, it holds up a rollercoaster of fun, games and a self-centered approach.

Yet, it is also high time to cast aside the legalism that exists on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to courting. In the endless list of rules and regulations, it has become about performance, control and pride.
Overall here, there is a disregard for God’s sovereignty, mercy & grace.
Instead, it holds up a list of rules that promises you a perfect marriage and path to it, if only you are good enough to jump all the hoops.

I respectfully state that both sides have gone too far and have abandoned the biblical definition of love, marriage and the sacred standard God has set.

My plea in all of this is simple, let us return to the Word. For in it, is our answers.
We have no need for more seminars, books, opinionated conversations, traditions, trends, or even, dare I say, blogs. :)

By all means, test what has been presented here with the Word.

For truly, any weight or authority that these writings may contain comes from the Word and the Word alone.
I have no authority or power when it comes to speaking on marriage, nor does any other human being for that matter.
God is the Author of marriage and He alone has the right to define its definition, boundaries and specifications.

So let us take in view what we have been taught regarding marriage and relationships before marriage. Let us hold them all up to the Word and let the Word dictate whether they be true or false.

If you are like me, you will be quite surprised to see how many of them are man-made and have no basis in the Scriptures.

May God call us once again, back to the Word on marriage!

Coming Soon - An Insufficient Closing