Am I Really Pro-Life?

I attended a March for Life rally today.

Such events always leave me sobered, encouraged, frustrated and hopeful.

Yet, one question has been the cause for great searching of heart. The question, am I really pro-life?

Now, I know what I could answer.
Of course I am pro-life! I attend my local March for Life almost every year, vote pro-life, write my legislators when I am made aware of upcoming legislation, I’ve even done two pro-life films.

Yet, I realize the above list shows how short I fall of being pro-life.

It seems we so often downgrade the pro-life movement to simply fighting for babies in the womb. While I am by no means downplaying the nobleness of such a cause, if that is all we are championing, we are failing in this movement.

For truly, being pro-life is so much more than just defending unborn babies, it is a way of life!

Let me see if I can explain the why and how regarding this heavy weight on my heart.

God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, is the Author of Life. He is the one who has given every human being on this planet their very life-breath. Without Him, there would be no life, no planet earth, no universe.

The Milky Way
As the Author of Life, God knows what is best for our lives. To live by that way is to truly be pro-life.

What is that way? It is the law and commands of God, found in the Scriptures. Here, God lays out the best way to live.
Yet, we chose our own way and have been in rebellion towards the ways of God ever since our first parents, Adam & Eve, took part in that forbidden fruit.

Since then, the human race has been born pro-death, pro-sin and not pro-life. One only needs to look into our culture to see this reality.

Jesus summed up the law of God in two commands.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.
The book of Romans says,
“Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.”

Yet, what do we see in our culture? We see a pro-death drumbeat ringing throughout our land.

Yes, we have this atrocity entitled abortion. A wickedness that allows an innocent baby to be burned alive, torn to shreds or poisoned within the womb of the mother. And if the child happens to survive the brutal assault in the womb and comes out alive, abortionists are allowed to back away from the table and let the innocent child die from exposure. (For hope regarding abortion or hope after an abortion, we encourage you to view our film entitled
“The Phone Call” found here)

Yes, such evils send chills of righteous indignation swelling through my being. Yet, why have I allowed myself to think this is where the battle begins and ends for being pro-life?

In my city alone, we have at least a half-dozen dens of iniquity that have the brazenness to call themselves “gentlemen clubs.” The abusive, objectifying treatment of women that takes place behind the doors of these blights in our society are horrifying to consider.

Yet, it doesn’t end there.
Three movie theaters sit in my city as well. Day after day, they show films that devalue the preciousness of life. The gore, immorality, cursing, sensuality and the blood bath flows free in our streets to any who care to partake. The abuse & degrading of the dignity of those on the screen and those partaking this wrongful entertainment is sickening to consider.

Yet, it doesn’t end there.
For throughout my city is millions of TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers that allow access to the vileness of the theaters and more. Countless human lives are abused and objectified for the degrading of a culture that is willing to partake in obscene imagery and videography.

Yet, it doesn’t end there.
Libraries, bookstores, ebooks & magazines continue their flood of profanity, obscenity, immortality, sensuality & gratuitous violence to those who would partake.

Yet, it doesn’t end there.
My city has been nicknamed the “City of Churches.”
One problem with that name. Oh, it is correct and that’s the problem.
There is only one true Church and that is the Church of Jesus Christ.
My city is full of institutions that claim to be preaching the gospel, but rather are preaching a false gospel that is leading tens of thousands to Hell, not Heaven.

Many false teachers rise throughout the week and teach about a false god called Love. Many others rise up and teach about a false god called Wrath, otherwise known as Rules.
Few rise to speak about Jehovah-Jireh, the one and only true God. A God who must punish sin, but who sent His Son to die on the cross that all who believe in Him, repenting of their sin, should not perish but have eternal life.

Bible Open to Book of John
Yet, it doesn’t end there.
My city has abandoned the sanctity of the family taught in God’s Word.
Marriage is being ignored and a whatever goes mentality is creeping in. Few children are growing up in a functional family.
Few fathers love their children unconditionally and sacrificially. Few mothers view their children as blessings instead of burdens and inconveniences. Few teach their children about the Almighty God and how precious life is in His eyes. Few teach that the abuse, the mistreatment, the devaluing of life in any way, shape or form in our culture is a direct affront to the priceless value God has placed on each and every human life.

Yet alas, it doesn’t end there.
For in my city, the voice of the remnants of the Church have become all but silent. Few are willing to step up in defense of the sanctity of life. For our city is not built upon this foundation and those who take a stand find themselves maliciously attacked on all sides, even by those who should be their greatest allies.

So I return to my question, am I truly pro-life? Am I fighting for the sanctity of life in all of the above and the more not listed here? Or am I just showing up to that rally once a year?

God forgive me for being pro-life when it is convenient! God forgive me for my cowardice in not standing up for those whose voices have been silenced! God forgive me for looking to my own comfort rather than the well-being of others! God forgive me for my unwillingness to risk all to defend the sanctity of life from conception to natural death and every moment in between!
God forgive me and may my sorrow lead to godly repentance which leads to godly action!

For truly I desire to answer, yes, I am pro-life.

This world is dark, but the light of the Savior is brighter. Isn’t it time we started living life, dare I say, normally?

For standing for the sanctity of life isn’t abnormal, it is normal according to God’s beautiful plan for humanity.

It is those who aren’t standing for the sanctity of life who are abnormal.

I am unable to live this way. Yet, as a Christian, I have never been called to live this life in my own strength, but rather in the strength of the Lord.
May God grant me strength. May God truly make me, pro-life.