MP and TFTDD Update

"Missionary Penny" officially releases in one week! We are super excited to be able to release another short film so quickly after the release of our latest film, "The Final Stand!" So be sure to check back next Friday to watch the finished product!
Also, the revamped version of "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies" is coming along nicely, by the Lord's grace. The official trailer will be released this December 4, 2015, so be sure to be on the look-out for that as well! We are the middle or recreating mouth movements, re-recording all of our voice cast, revamping film shots, and by God's grace preparing to re-film another minute this next week.

Continue to keep us in your prayers as we put the finishing touches on "Missionary Penny" and as we press on in completing the massive mound of editing that needs to be done for the release of "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies" as well.
Pray specifically for our editing team, who need to have the revamped version of TFTDD finished by December 1 to be able to submit it to the Christian Worldview Film Festival. There is a ton of work left to be done and it is only by the grace of God we will be able to finish this!

May the Lord alone continue to be honored in our films and may we be a light and a witness with our lives in this world! (Matthew 5:16)

To God alone be the glory!