New Resource Page

We are excited today to release a new page on our website, the Resources page. Now that we have been at filmmaking for nearly five years, the Lord has really laid a burden on our hearts to encourage other filmmakers, especially newer filmmakers.
We remember when we first started filmmaking we spent literally hundreds of hours in research to find software, camera, lights, how to create special effects and the list went on and on. While trial and error are still an essential part of filmmaking, we want to make it a little easier when it comes to your research for products and software for creating your own films. This is why we are launching the resource page.

On this brand-new page on our website, we have listed everything we use to create a film, from pre-production to filming to post-production to film festivals to distributing the final product.

We hope this page is a blessing and an encouragement to everyone who views it and we hope it will help you in your own filmmaking.
Anything that you would like described in more detail or another aspect you think we missed, please comment at the bottom of the Resources page.

Let us continue to develop our God-given talents so we may continue to make higher-quality films for the glory of God alone!

By God's grace and for His glory!

Resources Page