Update on Indy Homeschool Convention

Due to all that is going on in our country and world right now, we are sad to say the Indy Homeschool Convention has been cancelled.

Yet, praise the Lord, due to the technology we have access to in today's world, the IAHE is going ahead with an online homeschool convention!

Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis
Our virtual booth will be live during the convention and we encourage you to come over and check it out! (Rumor has it there will be a digital freebie of ours available during the convention.)

We are also thrilled to announce Nathaniel will be presenting his brand-new session, "Raising Kids in the Entertainment Age," as one of the speakers lined up for the convention.

Be sure to head over to the IAHE's website for more information on this exciting event! The best part, registration is FREE! Sign up today!

Make your calendars for March 27th and we look forward to "seeing" you there! :)

To God alone be the glory!