"The Final Stand" is Finally Here!

"The Final Stand" is finally here! To God alone be the glory!

3 months and 2 weeks of hard work, prayer, perseverance and God's grace and now our next film is finally here!

We are super excited about all the new stuff the Lord allowed us to put into this film and what a leap He allowed us to make from our last stop-motion, "The Prince!"
Our prayer is that you will be blessed by this film; we created this film to bless each and every one of you. We are so grateful for each of our supporters and we thank God for each of you!

Lastly, our prayer is each and every person who watches this film will be brought face-to-face with the reality that Jesus Christ is returning and that this question would be on the mind of everyone, am I ready for Christ's return?

We hope you enjoy, and please leave us a comment about what you think of it. We are always open to your comments, questions, or suggestions. And if you haven't already subscribed to us, please consider doing so.

Now, with all that now being said, Because of Jesus Films is pleased to present our latest film, "The Final Stand."

The Final Stand - Watch