Project 9 Film Day Nine

Well, it has been over two weeks since we have posted our last update on Project 9, but that does not mean we haven't been busy at work!
By God's grace we just wrapped up our ninth day of filming. Progress is moving along and the Lord has been good to us in the production of this film and we know He will carry it onto completion!
We have been lighting our sets exclusively with LED lighting these past few film days, as can be seen in the below screenshots. To say using LEDs to light the sets has been amazing seems to be an understatement! We have really been able to pull off the exact lighting and feel we want with the LED lights. They are definitely powerful little tools!
For those who may be wondering, the LED lights we use are from LifeLites are used in a lot of LEGO® dioramas and brickfilms. Though made specifically for LEGO®, they work just as well for Playmobil®!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers! We have a lot of filming left to do and then there is the whole post-production process after that. Pray that the Lord would continue to give us strength and that we would operate in His strength alone. Without Him, this film is going nowhere. Lastly, please continue to pray for the people who will be viewing this film. There are so many who need to hear the message of the gospel, pray their hearts would be open to the truth as they watch this film.

Thank you and to God be the glory!
Philippians 1:6

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