BOJF Streaming Service Released!

To God alone be the glory!

Today marks the realization of one of our greatest dreams we have had here at BOJF!

We now have our own streaming service!

We can't believe this day has finally come.

To think the Lord would be so gracious as to allow our streaming service to go live in 2020…it is so humbling and SO exciting!

The entertainment industry has become a very dark industry. Each year, it only seems to get harder and harder to find entertainment that honors the Lord.
Sadly, even among many faith-based film companies, compromise has been accepted for the bottom line and the simple fact that going against the tide of the mainstream entertainment industry is extremely tough.

For a long time, we here at BOJF have lamented the lack of a solid venue for solid, God-honoring entertainment.

So when the Lord laid it on our hearts to launch a streaming service a couple of years ago, we were both thrilled and daunted by this task. We threw around ideas for content creation, streaming platforms, pricing and what would be needed to launch a streaming service.

The date 2025 was thrown out for the launch of this service. Then after further discussion, prayer and thought, we moved to seriously talking about late 2021, and now, 2020.

We are floored, utterly floored that the Lord opened the many doors needed for us to go live with this service five years ahead of our schedule!

We serve an amazing God don't we? Truly, He is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine! This is truly Because of
Jesus Films and it is thrilling to see the King lead our steps. Glory be to His name and His name alone!

So, it is our great honor and privilege to launch the Because of Jesus Films Streaming Service today. May it be a blessing and an encouragement to you and yours!

And yes, because it cannot be said enough, to God alone be the glory!

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New titles are lined up for the rest of the year and we will be announcing their release dates here.)