"The Defense of New Haven"

We are excited today to endorse a Christian film that was just recently released on DVD!
"The Defense of New Haven" is the second film from Little Crew Studios, following their first film, "The Runner from Ravenshead." Both films are extremely enjoyable with an all-children cast.

From a production perspective, the film was engaging, had a phenomenal score, with good humor sprinkled throughout, and even some action!
Most importantly though was its message. For us here at BOJF the message is the most important part of a film and the make-or-break point of whether we endorse a film or not.
The message of "The Defense of New Haven" was solid. It was that we cannot allow the Word of God to fall by the wayside. We don't replace God's Word with more "culturally relevant" books. God's Word
is relevant and always will be. (Isaiah 40:8) God wrote it and He is timeless. (Hebrews 13:8) We never toss the Word of God aside, rather in a culture that continually tries to demean and ignore the Word of God, we should be in it all the more! (James 1:22, Psalm 119:9-11)

The film blessed our whole team and we highly recommend this film for anyone! No matter your age you will enjoy this film!

So be sure to visit their website today and pick up a copy! Not only will you get to enjoy an awesome film, you also will be supporting another Christian production company that is striving to and is glorifying the Lord with their talents through film!

The synopsis is below.

To God alone be the glory!

"Crossbow, boats, spies, and cannons clash as the City Defense Force and Raiders square off in The Defense of New Haven - a fun all-children cast, family action/adventure movie. The second movie from Little Crew Studios - makers of The Runner from Ravenshead. Caught up in the upheaval when raiders begins attacks against the city of New Haven, Alec joins the team that forms the thin line of defense. Slowed by a physical handicap, his lack of education, and resistance from members of the team, Alec must choose where to focus his efforts if he is to keep his job with the team, and if they are to stop the raiders from destroying the city."

Yep, that is The Defense of New Haven all right.