A Visual Blog for the Digital Age

Earlier this year we announced plans for a complete overhaul of the For the Glory of Another Blog. We are excited to announce more details on this project today!

BTS Photo from the Visual Blog
Late last year, the Lord gave us a vision For the Glory of Another Blog.

We live in a media-saturated society. Therefore, one of the most powerful ways to spread truth is through film.
Over the years, we have been blessed to add many solid articles, containing rich, biblical truth onto our blog.

Yet, once they are released, they typically see
99% of their readership in the first month. After that, they become buried in the blog and are pretty much never heard from again unless we were to cycle them through our newsletter.

Enter the Visual Blog.

Typically, a blog is simply a collection of articles, written in black and white text, with some images spread throughout out each article.
Now, imagine if we were to retain the typical blog element, yet add one major feature to it. For each article, what if there was also a corresponding video that delivered the article in film-form? Adding this element would give the readership of the blog the choice to watch the article, listen to the article, read the article or do all three.

Plus, a video adds to the longevity of a blog article, guaranteeing that it will be watched long after the original post date of it.

So with great excitement we started yesterday on the filming process for the revamping of our blog.
It is quite the undertaking, as we are looking at some 70 videos to film. By the grace of God, we have filmed 11 thus far and are aiming to have all 70 filmed by the end of next week. We would greatly appreciate your prayers, for such an undertaking is momentous and draining.

We are thrilled the Lord laid this vision on our hearts and are even more thrilled to see it now taking shape!

The new Vision Blog will be released late March by the grace of God and will be available at…Well, we are not at liberty to discuss where it will be available just yet. :)
It is sufficient enough to say something BIG is coming to BOJF in March.

And we mean BIG in every sense of the word! So be sure to stay tuned!

By the grace of God and only by His power, one of our biggest visions for BOJF is about to become a reality…