Ark Encounter

For those of you who haven't heard of the massive life-sized replica of the Ark being built in Kentucky and for those of you who already know, we would like to bring this amazing work to your attention for the first time or once again!
Answers in Genesis for several years now has been working on building a life-size replica of Noah's ark built according to the biblical dimensions given in the Bible. They were finally able to start building about a year ago and it is looking absolutely incredible!

AIG's desire with the Ark Encounter is for it to be an evangelism tool to point people to the ark of our salvation today, Jesus. As Jesus Himself said, "I am the door, if anyone enters by me they will be saved." -John 10:9a
It is only through Jesus we can be saved and just as Noah had to go in to the ark to be saved, so also we must go through Jesus, the door, for our own eternal salvation.

If you have not gotten tickets or haven't even heard of this massive endeavor be sure to visit their website!

Tickets are now on sale to the general public today!

We also have posted pictures of this amazing work below!

P.S. No guarantees remember, but maybe, just maybe there will be a stop-motion film coming out to advertise this sometime in late June, early July. :)

The Ark Encounter Construction 1 pictureThe Ark Encounter Construction 2 picture The Ark Encounter Construction 3 pictureThe Ark Encounter Construction 4 picture