Projects 6s Details and Other BOJF Happenings

Well, time to disclose what Project 6s entails!

Project 6s is the total overhauling of "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies," a film we created nearly two years ago.

This is not a simple remastering, this is the "Remastered and
Revamped" version.
We have been re-filming some scenes, adding special effects, color-correcting, adjusting audio, creating mouth movements, and recreating higher quality film shots. Lord-willing, by the time it is done, it will seem almost like a new production.

You may ask, why are we doing this? Why not just devote ourselves to a new project?
Number 1 and most important, the message of TFTDD is extremely powerful and needs to be proclaimed in this day and age. Secondly, the Lord has opened a door for us to be able to attend a Christian film festival early next year. So we are reworking this film with the intention of submitting it to the film festival. This is an amazing opportunity for us and we are definitely excited to see where the Lord continues to lead and direct this production company!

As to the behind the scenes video for "The Final Stand," it is coming along, though it will probably not be released until late November due to work on TFTDD and Project 7 this month and the first half of November. We want to give you all an in-depth look behind the scenes of "The Final Stand," and so we are postponing it until late November while we work on these other two projects. Yet, Lord-willing, it is still coming!

As to Project 7, Lord-willing, filming will begin sometime next week. That is all we can say for now. But stay tuned, some pics and more info should be coming next week!

Please keep us in your prayers as we dive into reworking TFTDD and beginning Project 7 this week. We are definitely in need of the Lord's help and opposition has been showing up quite regularly. We are confident though that the Lord has called us to this task and as His Word says, He who began a good work in you will carry it onto completion. (Philippians 1:6) We are trusting Him in this and are looking forward to seeing His hand at work through this films in the weeks and even months ahead!

To Him alone be the glory!

Revamping Two Friends, Two Different Destinies
Revamping Two Friends, Two Different DestiniesRevamping Two Friends, Two Different Destinies