One Script Down, Number Two to Go

By God's grace, the rough draft of Project 9 is written and we are beginning to write Project 8 this week!
Project 9, which as we just said was ironically written before Project 8, is scheduled to begin filming Lord-willing in early February.

Project 8, which we will begin writing this week, is also scheduled to begin filming sometime in February.

As we continue to work on the scripts for both films we ask for your continued prayers.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to guide our efforts.
  • Pray for our humility as we work on these projects.
  • Pray that the final products would be a testimony to the power of God.
  • Pray that He alone would receive all the glory!
  • Pray that the messages we are working on proclaiming in thesis films would be presented clearly and in an engaging way for our viewers.
  • Finally, pray the Lord would prepare the hearts of each and every person who will watch either of these films.

Continue to stay tuned to our blog as we will be releasing more info on theses two projects in the weeks to come!
Matthew 7:7-8