Prayer and Corrupted Files

As promised, an update on Project 6!

Forty-seconds were filmed yesterday, bringing the filming process to 85% completion. By God's grace, we are attempting to finish the filming process by this Monday.
As we gear up to finish filming in the next few days we ask for your prayers. The Lord has been very good to us through the filming process and we have seen His hand many times in this film endeavor. Just to name one example: We were filming an extremely time-consuming fight scene, and by time-consuming we are talking about at least 4-6 figures involved in every shot. Each shot was only about a second long, so it took some time to set up the 4-6 guys, film, tear down, set up, film, tear down, repeat. We had just finished and we were getting ready to move on to our next scene when our stop-motion program crashed. When we tried to re-open the file, it was totally corrupted. 16 seconds, or approximately 200 photos, and 2 ½ hours of filmmaking gone.
We believe in the power of prayer at BOJF and cried out to the Lord for His help, whether that meant Him restoring our files or giving us the endurance to re-film, we were once again reminded of our need for Him. When you choose a name like "Because of Jesus Films," you just know the Lord is never going to let you forget that it really is only because of Jesus that these films are being made!
God was gracious to us and restored our files to us, every photo, every frame. It was a great reminder for us that He indeed cares for us and that His hand is with us in this production, without Him, we're sunk for sure.
There is power in prayer and we as Christians should dip into that power more often. Every day should be covered in prayer. A favorite quote of ours says, "If we truly knew the power that is in our prayers, we would never leave our knees." God tells us in His Word to "Pray continually," and "…not to be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." It is humbling to think that the God of the universe takes the time not only to listen to our prayers, but also answer each and every one of them. We need to be a praying people!

With that in mind, we would ask each and every one of you to join us in prayer for this film, that the Lord would empower us to complete it and that all who watch it would not only be blessed, but also challenged. Let us even pray that God may use this film to bring someone to Him, that He would use this medium of film to open their eyes to the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also, may we pray that God and God alone, would get all of the glory and praise from this production!

Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you!

Below are some photos from the corrupted file that God restored to us.

A photo of a Rescued Shot 1A photo of a Rescued Shot 2

P.S. We have some more exciting news that we will be announcing this Saturday, Lord-willing. So be sure to check back!