Missionary Penny Triple Finalist!

We are excited to announce that Missionary Penny was a triple finalist at the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival!
While it was an immense privilege to see Missionary Penny honored in this way at the festival, it wasn't the greatest joy we received from creating this film.
We here at BOJF do not live for the applause and praise of men. Yes, it is exciting to see a film you poured your passion and heart into honored, but that isn't why we create films. Let us be the first to say that awards are indeed nice to receive, yet their ultimate destiny is fancy paper weights and wall space fillers. They aren't worth living for.

We originally created Missionary Penny for a contest on using money God's way. To be honest, with a touching story we expected it to be a finalist, yet it wasn't. It was certainly a disappointment as the finalists didn't quite seem to fit the premise of the contest, yet ultimately it didn't matter to us and we were reminded of a very important truth. We aren't in filmmaking to please men or receive their recognition.
We don't look to create films that will be popular or mainstream, we don't even look to create films that will sell. We don't create films to receive awards or applause. We don't even create films to hear people say they enjoyed them or were even blessed by them. We create films because God has given us a talent and we desire to honor Him with that talent. If we walk away from a film knowing God was honored from pre-production to release and that His name was glorified in the final product, we've succeeded.
It matters not if the film doesn't receive a single award. It doesn't matter if the film is viewed by 10 or 100,000. It's okay if the film never earns back its budget. If the world views it as a flop, so be it. Yet, if we know that God was pleased, the gospel was proclaimed, and the Word of God was held in high regard, mark that film down as a success.

Maybe we need to return to living for an audience of One as Christians. Maybe if we weren't so concerned with what others thought about us, we'd be able to speak out lovingly yet boldly on things like abortion, gay "marriage," and biblical inconsistencies and even heresy in films and our culture. Maybe we'd be a little more intentional about sharing the gospel knowing that time is short and millions are going to Hell on a monthly basis. Maybe we'd be less concerned about being called preachy and be more concerned about speaking the truth from the Word of God. Maybe, just maybe, we'd be on fire for Jesus.

So we give God the glory for the honor He gave to this film. For that matter, we give all the glory back to Him. It all rightly belongs to Him anyway.

By God's grace, time to get back to creating films firmly rooted in truths of the Word for God's glory!

We encourage each of you to seriously think and pray over this one simple question - Am I truly living for my audience of One?
The answer might surprise you and for those who are willing to live in this reality, the peace, joy, freedom and satisfaction found in this type of living are truly immeasurable!

Then He said to them all: 'Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me.' " - Luke 9:23

You can view Missionary Penny by clicking on the picture below.

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