Filming Complete for Episode 5 of Agent 316!

Praise be to the Lord! Episode 5 of Agent 316 is filmed and we are moving on to the editing stage for this film!

Benny on Camera
In the shooting of Technological Advancements, our team faced a lot of setbacks. Wind, rain, heat, scheduling conflicts and a tired team lengthened the filming process, but God carried us through all the opposition we faced.
The film looks INCREDIBLE and we are so excited to share it with you all!

Agent 316 Waiting on a Line
Benny from Counting the Cost returns yet once again and our friend Agent 316 faces a lot of setbacks himself in this episode. Stay tuned for the trailer, which Lord-willing shall be released sometime in July.

Agent 316 & James as the Sound Guy
Forever and always, to God alone be the glory!

The Crew in the Rain